Printing Shirts: 5 Key Tips to Picking Out a Shirt Design

Printing shirts are a fantastic way to brand and market your business.

They allow your company to stand out from the crowd since many people will be walking around wearing your branding for others to see!

But how do you pick a design that’s right for your business? Here are five shirt printing tips for making sure you pick the right design.

1. Analyze Your Competition

Your competition may be already doing something similar, and the last thing you want is a design that will clash with theirs.

If you already have an established branding, you will likely have considered this already. But even so, you will want to make sure the colors are different and the message portrayed is unique to your business.

2. Find a Specialist

Many companies make their products stand out by focusing on working with clients with individual niche requirements. For example, this printing company specializes in localized printing and has a strong background in sports merchandise.

So it’s a great idea to do your research and find someone who connects with your business and understands your requirements.

3. Budget for your Business Image

You may find that you have a small budget for t-shirts, but if you are a company known for premium quality, this will send out the wrong image to your customers.

Make an effort to find some more room in your budget and let the quality of your t-shirt design reflect how you want your customers to feel.

Budgeting works the other way too. Unless you require durability, don’t overspend on quality when your money is more useful for fixing vital equipment.

4. Image Quality for Printing Shirts

It may seem like something easy to misunderstand, but the more megapixels, the better. It isn’t anything like your phone camera. The image should be optimized for high quality for a t-shirt. The printed image size could be over a foot in length.

Ensure you got the image file right, and the design itself will save any upset down the line when your t-shirts look blurry close-up.

5. Double Check and Triple Check

Check, check, and check again. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve found the right design, only to end up as a walking advertisement for an inappropriate joke.

Get someone who is a stranger to your business to look at the design and ask questions. Can they read the writing, do they understand the brand, or would they wear the t-shirt in its current design?

Criticism is nearly always constructive if you allow. Use these people to your advantage to make sure that nothing slips through quality control!

Shirt Designs Are Personal

The T-shirt print is the business equivalent of a badge of honor. You and your customers wear your branding with pride. They live and breathe your business.

As a result, it’s important to remember that printing shirts in the wrong style can prove to be a costly endeavor.

Now it’s time to wear your shirt with pride and keep researching to get even more inspiration for ways to market your business!

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