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Preposterous Questions People with Tattoos have to Answer

Are you planning to get inked? If yes, apart from obviously scheduling appointment with a proficient and experienced artist, who can etch skin  inflicting little to no pain, as well as choosing a profoundly connotative and aesthetically pleasing design from among diverse options readily available, you must also be prepared to get hit with some common yet utterly ridiculous questions. Frequently asked ones include:

  • What does it mean and how much did it cost?

Tattoos do not necessarily have to mean something and people often carve a design on their arm, leg, back, chest, etc. just because they like it. However, some meaningful motifs high on demand lately are:

  1. Butterfly representing beauty, transformation, and change.
  2. Zen circle is known for symbolising universe. It also depicts enlightenment and inner strength.
  3. Phases of moon signify how unpredictable life is and that it can change any time.
  4. Feathers have conflicting representations. Some believe that it signifies death while others think feather stands to be a symbol of birth and brand-new beginnings.
  5. Birds, in general, are a symbol of hope and freedom.

Enquiring about prices simply to look down upon with contempt for spending so much is outright diabolical.

  • Did it hurt?

According to highly competent and adequately experienced artists working in top Queensland tattoo studios for quite some time now, penetrating hundreds of needles repeatedly into skin for a prolonged period to carve a definite motif would most surely hurt. Well, a few excellent ways to handle the associated discomfort are as follows:

  1. Remaining absolutely calm.
  2. Squeezing or chewing something.
  3. Breathing in and out continuously.
  4. Asking for breaks.
  5. Not trying to numb pain by drinking alcohol or using other recreational substances.
  • Does it mean you are allowed to date only people with body arts?

People with tattoos are completely normal, hence, they would hang out with someone whom they find attractive, and not solely because he or she has also etched his or her skin.

  • Are you not tensed about never finding a job?

Even though there is no definite evidence but as per certain studies, having tattoos actually increase people’s chance of grabbing a good job. Now isn’t that simply amazing? Many well-established companies admitted to employ a candidate with body art probably because it clearly manifests that he or she is exceptionally passionate, committed, and willing to take risks. However, if the corporation you are thinking to join is conservative, try hiding your tattoo temporarily by implementing below-mentioned techniques:

  1. Wear flashy jewelleries.
  2. Put on fashionable scarves.
  3. Go for full-sleeved outfits.
  4. Apply high coverage foundation and concealer.
  • Did it affect your reputation?

Tattoos must never affect a person’s reputation because we must not judge someone just because he or she decided to etch something on his or her body. Tattooing can rejuvenate external appearance and act as means for expressing suppressed emotions or rebelling against age-old notions of society. Indulging in this procedure can make you attractive and confident.

You can unfortunately not stop people from asking questions specified above, thus, either try ignoring or come up with smart responses.

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