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Powder Coating Aluminium Extrusion


Powder coating your aluminium extrusions makes it possible for you to transform your finishes and make them durable. It is a great choice if you are going for special textures and vibrant colours. It is better for the environment than liquid paint.

Powder coating your aluminium extrusions is a process that should be done by professionals since it demands a lot of precision.If anything goes wrong, it can be very difficult to undo it and start over.The following are a few practical tips to get you the best results while powder coating.

  • Always Spray a Sample

Do not start spraying your powder before testing out on a sample.Read through the application guide and try to follow the steps on a sample piece.Having a sample will help you understand the way your powder behaves in specific environments.Knowing what to expect helps you avoid wasting time doing and undoing your work.

  • Allow Your Parts to Cool

If you are new to powder coating, you may be tempted to shoot while your parts are still hot.Even though your powder will stick better, it is not safe.The powder melts easily when placed on a hot surface.It is, therefore, difficult to estimate the right amount of powder.Consider spraying at room temperature to avoid texturing problems.

  • Use the Right Equipment

The equipment you choose will have a significant impact on the quality of your work. If you are powder coating as a hobby, you do not need to invest in fancy equipment. There is plenty of entry-level equipment at affordable prices. If you by something more professional, it will be easy to apply two or more coat finishes. You need special equipment for custom powder coating. An important thing to look for in your spray system is flexibility.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

You may not be able to master the art of powder coating on your first attempt. It takes a lot of time and practice. Do not assume that you will get the best results the first time you try.It is okay to make mistakes on your first few attempts. Start practicing with finishes that do not require a lot of skill and advance to higher levels. Get the help of a professional if you do not have any questions.

  • Check Your Work Before the Powder Cures

Always check your work while you wait for the powder to cure. This gives you the chance to identify issues if there are any. You can touch up a few areas without having to redo everything.If the coat looks too thin, then you can always add an extra coat,

  • Clean Up

Remember to clean up your gun when you are done with a particular colour. Unplug the unit before cleaning to avoid accidents. Don’t store powder in the little cup to avoid moisture pickup.

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