Polish channels online: simple, classy and affordable


    There are over a million Poles currently residing in Canada, and approximately 20 million Polish nationals living outside Poland in general. For the Polish diaspora, Polish TV on the internet is the unique and unlimited source of news, information, and communication with their homeland. Polish TV in Canada brings thousands of families divided by the Atlantic Ocean together and helps raise new generations of Poles in tight connection to their native language and cultural heritage. And PolBox.TV as its key provider is always around to offer its customers the best conditions for the service.


    Watch Polish TV anywhere in the world

    There is an impressive number of advantages Internet TV entails, including the following:

    • quick and simple installation as opposed to regular television (no cables or satellite dishes need to be involved)
    • instant access to Polish TV in Canada, the US, or any other location in the world, whether it is an apartment in the city centre, a car on the highway or a cabin in the woods or mountains
    • great quality and scale of multimedia content (much more impressive than cable TV or Internet)
    • possibility of streaming online TV to any device connected to the Internet, i.e. TV set, personal computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone

    Watch Polish TV and manage its content by creating your personal profile in the system. You can also stream Polish channels online directly, as well as move the programs in the schedule, record broadcasts, and order hundreds of movies on-demand.


    Polish TV online: always getting more

    Using online television, you pay only for the content you are actually receiving. Therefore, if you need a break from the streaming, you simply turn it off and then tune in again when you are ready to continue. There is no need for long-term contracts containing long lists of obligations.

    With PolBox.TV, you get premium service including the following features:

    • more than 120 top-level channels streaming directly from Poland
    • best 5 radio stations as a complimentary bonus to Polish television online
    • 3,000+ movies to select from in the Polish language
    • watch different content simultaneously on several devices
    • ‘Parental lock’ option for households with small children
    • 24/7/365 tech service in case any issue arises
    • global PolBox.TV community to share the best practices of streaming Internet TV

    Watching Polish channels online is one of the simplest, smartest, and most convenient ways to stay in touch with your country of origin, as well as to remember your native language.

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