Planning to Buy Castor for Furniture? Read Before You Proceed


    To add mobility to the furniture, the castor wheels are of great significance. They are effectively used in chairs or carts. Whether you want to replace the castor from an existing furniture piece or need to mount on a new object, it’s important to have a proper knowledge to buy the right product.

    castor wheel

    That’s mainly I have put together this comprehensive buying guide to demystify the shopping process. Let’s check out some points of consideration in detail.

    #1. Choose right material for the floor

    Castor wheels are available in different materials- nylon to forged steel. But, always remember, not all materials are best for rolling on surfaces. For home purpose, you must stick to rubber or plastic castor wheels. These are soft and won’t damage house flooring at all.

    #2. Check load capacity

    Keep in mind, the denser the material is, the more its capacity to withstand load (case for industrial application). However, for an office chair, you don’t have to shop for heavy duty forged steel castor. It could end up damaging flooring of your place.

    #3. Choose the right diameter

    The wheel’s diameter greatly influences load capacity and mobility of the furniture. If you want furniture to be stable at one place, you should opt for smaller diameter. It does not roll out from the place.

    However, that’s not the case with cart. You need to look for bigger diameter as this roll around effortlessly.

    #4. Choose the right mount

    If your furniture is already having castor and you are replacing it, just make sure to buy same mount for the current wheels. But, when you are adding castor to the furniture that never had it before, you have full freedom to choose any mount type. Note that, once you pick the type, you have to stick with that only for replacements.

    #5. Check for additional features

    Yes, you read it right. Additional features exist!

    For instance, you can choose a swivel or fixed wheel. The swivel wheels are rotatable so you can move them in any direction easily. Fixed wheels on the other hand rolls back and forth in only one direction. Some are available with foot guards. This prevents your feet crushing underneath the weight.

    So, these are a number of things to consider before buying caster wheels for your furniture. Don’t forget to use them in your purchasing decision. You are going to reap great benefits for sure.

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