Pizza boxes started during the period between the First and the Second World War. Before the world wars, wax-lined thin paper bags were used to deliver and store pizzas. But now, in the Modern Era, they are made up of the B-fluted corrugated board. They mostly come in blue, red, burgundy, green, and black.

Other colors are not that popular because of their high expense. Pizza boxes may appear to be simple boxes made out of cardboard but there many technologies involved in it to keep the pizza warm. They are manufactured in such a way which would make the recycling process of the boxes easier, can be transformed into plates and also contains holders for dipping sauce.

Pizza boxes also come with a tripod stand which prevents the cardboard getting attached to the crust of the pizza. Pizza boxes are niche products and can be designed according to the changing need. You can buy pizza box from various suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters.

Pizza boxes are generally made of cardboard and can be folded. They are mostly used for storing pizzas that are meant for ‘takeaway’ or ‘home delivery’ purposes. Pizza boxed should be cheap, highly resistant, thermally insulated to keep the pizza warm and ideal for food transportation. They are also used for advertising purposes. Buy pizza box or start storing them and experience its multi-faceted nature.

Pizza boxes are not only used for storing pizza and selling them but they can be used for other purposes as well. They can be used for your kid’s school project. To create sculptures, you can buy pizza box instead of foam core which quite expensive. They can also be for making handmade frames for collage by cutting off its lid and then decorating its edges.

Some of the pizza shops even use the pizza boxes as a canvas. They can also be shredded and used for composting. Not only these, they act as great storage containers for keeping stamps or any of your artworks, for storing cookies as well as for keeping stationeries.

Pizza boxes can really be used for multiple purposes. Pizza boxes are not mere containers but something with reminds of school memories, celebrations, meals, etc. It is also considered to be a vital thing for marketing purpose. These are available at quite affordable prices and in various sizes like 5”, 7”, 9”, 12”, 16” and 20”.

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