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Philip Morris accused of hypocrisy over anti-smoking ad

Philip Morse is one of the world’s largest tobacco organizations, accused of “hypocritical profits” in its new advertising campaign, to emphasize smoking.

Marlborough manager said that in this move “was an important step in the” prevention of cigarette sale “.

But cancer research said that the firm was trying to promote smoking to promote smoking like smoking only.

It says that “this is incredible hypocrisy” indicates that yet the promotion of smoking outside the UK increases.

Cancer Research UK’s Tobacco Policy Manager told George Butterworth that “Flip Morse can help prevent people from smoking to stop cigarettes.”

Khairi said smoking cigarette was a leading cause and encouraged people to use cigarettes, including e-cigarettes.

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The Health Charity Action on Smoking and Health (AS) has also criticized that the one who has called My Light Hold and the four-page page of Monday’s Day mirror has been launched in Wirdwardown – it is around the British opponents for Philip Morris. There was a way to get around. Tobacco advertising rules.

There is also a campaign video, in which a young woman shows that the mission is to lighten the cigarette more than each other’s friends to interact with a room-bound room, which is to leave smoking. Are you helping

Most of the types of smoking and promotion of tobacco in the UK are introduced, and it was introduced last year, that cigarette and tobacco should be sold in a simple green packet.

Ashwin’s Chief Executive, Debora Arnot, said Philip Morris was still advertising the martial law brand, wherever it was to do so globally.

“The fact that the fact is that it can not do more in the UK, we are a black market where all ads, promotions and sponsors are banned, and cigarettes are in plain packs.

“Instead, Philip Mores is promoting the company’s name, which is incompatible with the melbourne,” he said.

Philip Morris has already said that it wants to get a “smoke-free” future.

Like many tobacco companies, Philip Morris focuses on new products to change cigarettes because the UK’s decline in smoking decreases.

In the UK, this cigarette includes many alternative markets, including hot tobacco products, aunts.

‘It takes time’

Peter Nixon, firm management director, said his new advertising campaign was “about the support of smoking in alternative search”.

Asked why, if Philip Morris was so interested in getting out of smoking, he simply did not stop making cigarettes and focuses on completely alternative products, he said, therefore, tobacco Will switch to only one competitors product.

“Cigarette still makes 87% of our business,” he said. We want to get as quickly as [smoke-free], and we want to sell alternatives, but it takes time. ”

Mr Nixon said the firm has invested cigarettes more than £ 4bn in alternative product development.

The campaign shows four ways to cigarette, including cold turkey, using nicotine patch, vitamin and hot tobacco products.

In an extraordinary move, Daily Mirror has made an advertisement specializing in its editorial column, with a paper envelope. It was said that “I am happy behind the campaign”.

He further added: “Yes, we were surprised that the campaign created by Philip Morris Limited, but this is just a good thing that they are trying to encourage cigarettes to leave.”

In July last year, the government made a plan to build English in the next few decades.

The target of the new tobacco control plan is 15.5% to 15.5% to 12%.

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