Perfect Choices for the Trade Show Booths


    The survey shows that the vast majority of trade fair exhibitors choose a small area of ​​up to 20 m. The size of the stand is influenced by the rental price of a square meter, but also technological progress, which allows e.g. presentation of the above-mentioned cars in the form of a corporate film. On the other hand, the own research carried out at the same time shows that the size of the stand may have an impact on the perception of the company by the visitors and, hence, the attractiveness of our stand. The most important thing when creating a trade fair stand is an idea. There are many methods to stop the customer at the booth.

    The Enough Option

    Sometimes it’s enough to display the product in a central place. Visible from all sides, arouses curiosity and interest, and encourages people to take a closer look to get acquainted with the company’s offer. The appropriately constructed shape of the stand, lighting, graphics and the material from which the buildings are made, play an important role in creating the right mood.

    Recently, light is one of the best ways to draw the attention of fair guests to the stand and the product presented on it. Video projectors, multimedia and plasma monitors, LED curtains and laser are used more and more often. The exhibitors also try to influence the visitors by placing at the trade show booth of atypical elements ordered according to an individual project or, depending on the nature of the stand, using modern or traditional furniture with an extraordinary design.

    Plants, artificial sources, all kinds of metal structures, wooden, glass, imitation stones designed, arranged and fitted give the impression of aesthetic completeness, positively affecting the visitors. When preparing a stand and working on its appearance, it should also take into consideration the effective delivery of customers (current and potential) with an invitation to find where they can find their stand.

    Navigating the trade fair is always complicated enough not to notice or miss someone. The invitation may include a photo or advertisement consistent with the stand it will also facilitate the visual identification of the company.


    Up-to-date equipment always improves the exhibitor’s image. Regardless of the surface, the stand should be attractive and functional. Even smaller ones with appropriate equipment can be equally attractive as large stands. In addition to traditional materials and constructions, there are also non-standard solutions, characteristic for the industry, often single use, but also extremely effective. There are no unambiguous rules or prescriptions for an ideal booth, and the most frequent restrictions on both the exhibitors and stand construction companies are cost, time and material availability. First of all, the arrangement and architecture of the buildings should flow from the company profile characteristic of the industry, in particular from the product character.

    In addition, the key role in the equipment is played by appropriate lighting, appropriately set products, optical elements, and appropriate floor coverings that can be part of the company’s visual identity. It is also important to furnish traditional furniture such as shelves, chairs and tables as well as unconventional types of fountains, rotating elements and, for example.