Our Top 5 Tips for Optimizing Space At Your Business


    Is your business storage space becoming a problem? Maybe your company has downsized due to COVID or you’re just looking for ways to save space, but either way, too much clutter can be a big problem.

    You want your company to be clean, safe from trip hazards, and welcoming, so walls full of paperwork and messy storage cabinets are the last things you need.

    If your office needs a makeover, keep reading to find five key tips for optimizing office space—it’s easier than you might think!

    1. Go Paperless

    One of the easiest ways to free up office space is by getting rid of paper. Bulky filing cabinets and archiving boxes take up massive amounts of space in offices, filling up storage closets and collecting dust under desks.

    By switching to paperless, you can store all of your key documents and files digitally, letting you ditch the filing cabinets.

    Plus, going paperless also helps the environment, reduces clutter, and saves time. It may take some time for staff to adjust, but the adjustment period is worth it and staff will soon find it more convenient to work digitally.

    2. Label Everything

    When you’re setting up a storage room, label everything! Organization is the key to managing your storage.

    Labels let staff clearly see what’s in each box, so you don’t need to open each one and make a mess when trying to find what you need.

    Labeling also helps you avoid duplicate purchases, since it’s easy to see what you already have.

    3. Have a Yearly Clean-Out

    Each year, schedule an office clean-out. It’s the best way to remove clutter and go through boxes to throw away items no longer needed.

    Make it a fun day and get employees involved, encourage them to tidy their desks, remove junk, and keep the office looking nice.

    4. Install Wall to Wall Storage Cabinets

    It may help to install large cabinets with plenty of shelving. This will give you plenty of space for everything you need.

    Or, if your warehouse or office needs a large amount of space for storage on a temporary basis, renting a shipping container can help.

    5. Get Staff Involved

    Organizing the office doesn’t need to feel like a chore. Before starting any cleaning, consult staff and ask them for ideas.

    They may have great suggestions on how to improve office storage that you hadn’t considered, so it’s worth getting their opinions. Office organizing is a team effort, so it helps to make sure everyone is involved.

    Use These Tips to Maximize Your Business Storage Space

    If you need more business storage space, use the tips above to transform your office. Your only limit is your creativity, so start brainstorming ways of clever ways to maximize your storage space.

    Soon, your office will be clean, organized, and free from clutter, which is sure to make both employees and clients happy!

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