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Organizations and Publications for a Top Chief Learning Officer Worldwide


CEOs, public sector leaders, and general managers worldwide have agreed to positive changes in the office or workplace being invariably equivalent to learning and development initiatives. Positive changes result in a high-performing company. But the statistics coming from different corridors point to something else.

74% of the total employees state to an utter lack of training and development initiatives. 62% managers agree to not doing anything important about learner’s needs. And what’s more- the loss of ineffective training could be staggeringly robbing a company out of its almighty dollar. It goes up to $13.5M per year for every 1000 employees.

There are different pioneers in every industry- the brain centers which lay down the latest grapevines and crème de la crème interviews and editorials. We have listed some of the finest organizations and publications for a top chief learning officer worldwide. Have a look:

www.topclo.com: This website lists the best CLOs from around the world for their effective management practices in what people can bring to the table when trained effectively. Definition of international standards of what constitutes inclusive and comprehensive management of learning and development is up for grab on this online reservoir. It has a different section on events taking place around the world with the potential to shape cultural perspectives owing to learning and development initiatives.

Chief Learning Officer Network: A tight-knit group which is exclusive as the name states. Different executives in the enterprise-wide domain are part of this network. Once you are a member here, you have exclusive rights as a member here. The membership welcomes you to the inner sanctum-sanctorum of in-person gatherings and meetings to discuss learning and experience of learning and development initiatives from experts and leaders in their field.

CLO Magazine: They publish physical copy as well carry an online repertoire of everything a CLO and chief talent officer is supposed to know in a disruptive landscape of skill-development, learning trends, issues, and methods. Some of the best reviews, views, editorials, and content can be found here for a better understanding of a chief talent officer along with capability channels, vendors, and the demands of the industrial world past the fourth revolution.

Top Chief Learning Officer Worldwide LinkedIn Groups: There are different forums on LinkedIn boasting of a great number of members for a great networking and sharing of ideas. The best part about discussing stuff on a professional network is freedom from spams and content that is irrelevant to you.

The Chief Learning Officer (Book): It got glowing and rave reviews from the best of the best. This book is the product of the likes of the professors from Yale School of Management and Stanford Graduate School of Business and the executives from QUALCOM and 3M. This book focuses on achieving measurable results. Corporate learning is essential to drive tactics and insights for a chief talent officer. The survey data, interviews, and experience gained- has formed the basis of this book.

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