Every year we are producing increasing amounts of waste and as population and consumerism grows it does not appear that our waste production is going to slow down anytime soon.  Therefore, it has become extremely important to optimize our waste management in our cities.  Through the use of new technology, it is now possible to drastically save on costs and reduce the environmental detriments of local waste collection.

Smart bins for big wins

Smart bins that are compatible with this technology as seen here on https://www.mr-fill.com/products/smart-bins/ can revolutionize the rubbish collection industry.  At the moment rubbish collection puts a huge strain on our local councils with not only the huge costs but also with amount of time it takes to collect the rubbish.  With the implementation of these smart bins, data can be transmitted to a management platform that will let the system know when a bin is full and needs emptying.  This data can also then be used to generate the most effective routes for waste removal and eliminate inefficient waste removal routes with unnecessary emptying of bins that are not full.

Eliminating excess street waste

Being able to efficiently empty these smart bins when they become full will prevent the overflow of rubbish from full bins.  Often people will drop their rubbish on the ground if a bin is full or simply force the rubbish into the already full bin.  If bins are emptied as they become full there will be consequently a lot less rubbish on the street.  Bins not left overfull also will reduce odors, the chances of rubbish being blown out of bins, and minimize the attraction of rodents and birds to leftover scraps.  With less rubbish on the street the aesthetic feel of the city can be enhanced, creating a nicer environment for everyone.

Improved future waste management

By collecting the data overtime, it is possible to continually improve waste management as things change and patterns emerge.  It will be possible to see which periods of time waste production increases, for example over a holiday season such as Christmas, and thus allowing waste management teams to be more prepared for these times.  It will also show which areas produce waste most frequently and give indications that more bins are necessary in certain areas andindicate possibly that education on waste reduction could be useful in these areas.Click here for more information on smart bins and how your local council can help with effective waste management.

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