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Office Equipment You Need for Your Startup

You’ve managed to secure an office space for your startup business. Now, it’s time to equip it.

If this is your first business venture, you should consider consulting an office planner before investing in the latest office technology Jackson MI for your headquarters. Buying expensive equipment that will go unused is a great way to burn through your startup funds. Even if you’re an old pro, remember to start conservatively. Here are some guidelines to help you plan:


In addition to cabinets, desks, chairs and other work surfaces, take an inventory of your space. You may need additional lighting; you can add ceiling or floor fixtures or to replace the entire system. You might also want to work in as much aesthetic value as your budget allows. Studies have shown that people are often more productive in a streamlined, attractive workspace.


It is generally wise to equip your office with as much top-of-the-line technology that you can manage without going over budget. Modern computers, scanners and printers are fast and efficient and can help your employees work more quickly. You should also consider starting green and paperless. Technology like OCR can turn virtually any scanned document into an editable PDF. Almost all paperwork can be viewed with file-sharing software and secured on redundant servers.


Depending on the size of your initial startup, you may be able to get along just fine with a basic accounting app, a spreadsheet and virus protection. However, as your company grows and develops, you may graduate to more sophisticated enterprise software. There are options that can manage your sales, inventory, finances and CRM with a single interface. If you plan on having a strong internet presence, consider options that allow you to integrate your existing system with your e-commerce website.

Basic Supplies

When it comes to the little things like pens, staplers and other office accessories, it is probably best to only buy the items you need as you need them. It may be a little more inconvenient, but you’ll likely save money in the long run. Most commercial office supply establishments either deliver or can ship via online purchasing.

It can be nearly impossible to predict all of the equipment that you will need before you actually start operating. Make a list of priorities that include all of the items that you’re sure you’ll need. With proper planning, you should be able to get pretty close to the mark and operate efficiently from the outset.

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