Whatsapp brings a lot of features which is respected by the Whatsapp users all over the world. At present, Whatsapp is working with a new feature which lets the user share multiple contacts. The new feature is presently in Beta stage and if a person needs to try it out, they can log on to Google play and test it as a Beta test.

If the user needs to share more than a single contact on Whatsapp, it would be a ditto task. Whenever you like to send multiple contacts, you had to just tap on to the contact list independently. But easily, a new feature is going to be exhibited on Whatsapp which will grant you to share multiple contacts all at once, says a report in the Android police said.

Android Police said that the feature was brought out for Whatsapp beta for Android versions 2.17.123.In recent times, Whatsapp returned its text Status option while safeguarding its picture based restoration. Users can open the About section in their profile to set a text Status and examine other people`s updates by breaching the contacts.

Whatsapp Soon allows you to Share Multiple Contacts in the simplest way

Whatsapp is verifying a new feature that allows you to send multiple contacts by just a single click. Prior to this, users were defined to send just one contact at a time, but that check has been taken back.

This feature is being visible in the latest Whatsapp for beta version and should exhibit for everyone very soon. Android Police became the first to detect this feature, and the report demands that the feature was brought in around in Whatsapp beta for Android versions 2.17.122.

This feature basically works the same method as before, but rather that the constraint to just one contact, the user can now assign multiple contact details or email details right away. This removes the demand to carry out multiple actions on the app to assign more than two contacts to the same person on Whatsapp.

If you’re transmitting information to many Whatsapp users, you need to lay on to the traditional method of sending contacts independently. Curiously, there seems to be no superior limit to the contacts you can send, and we were likely to send over 100 contacts to one user all at once.

The feature works entirely in the same way in the group and particular conversation as well. This is acquired to the Whatsapp and out setting which lets you select which contact info you can combine to your smartphone, and which you wish to maintain as is.

This is accurate as dispatching a lot of contacts at once could confuse your Whatsapp chat feed. As stated before, this Whatsapp feature is quiet in the beta stage, and if you like to make use of it right away, sign up for being a beta tester. There is no discussion on when it will emerge out openly for everyone on Android or iOS.

When you ask your friend to send you the contact lists of the most excellent photographers she knows for an event you’re deciding for it. These are just two of many outlooks where you might like to share the contact details of many people at the same time.

As stated before, Whatsapp only let you link one contact at a time in a chat, urging you to rerun your taps a whole lot times just to be ready to send many persons mobile numbers or email addresses to your friends or family. But at some time in the latest beta versions, the choice to select multiple contacts was facilitated.

Once you see, it’s much easy as choosing several photos or selecting the people to initiate a group or send a publication to. Just tap and hold the first contact and you can choose a lot then share them all in the chat.

The option is accessible in Whatsapp 2.17.123, where the user can find on APK Mirror or by uniting the legitimate Play Store beta, however as I said, it might have been combined in a few versions before.

Suggestions to send Multiple Contacts using Email, Bluetooth on Smartphone

There is occasion when the user needs to share multiple contacts with the help of SMS, Email, etc on your smartphone. Possibly you can make do with messenger apps if you hardly employ in his kind of goods, but if you boast yourself sharing contacts very often, here are a few devoted apps which can help your purpose.

Ciacs Contact Sender

Ciacs Contact Sender is an easy and handy app which lets you share several contacts all at once through SMS or email as plain text or as a business card with comfort. The app auto-full names and contacts from your Google contact list and thus is appropriate to use. The app has very primary UI, but as it works as displayed, UI shouldn’t be an agreement breaker.

Share Contact

Share Contact is once again an identical application, which lets the user inhabit a record with contact names, mobile numbers or both and just share it with someone you like. The app lets you share this contact list using SMS, Whatsapp, Bluetooth, Push bullet, or some other app based on the user’s choice.


Contactos is another important app which lets the user you to share contacts using multiple apps and emails. When you make use of the app, you will be addressed with a full record of your contacts. There are options which hide the contacts without phone numbers in settings. You can cross check whenever you desire to share and tap the next button.

You can now counterpart this list to clipboard or straight away strike the share button to share the list through Email or any other application. The app also provides you the right choice to ascribe a vCard while dispatching contacts with the help of email for accessibility of the recipient. You can select to compute a signature with each mail too.


All the above-mentioned apps can assist you in managing this task from your smartphone. You can also make use of your desktop for the same. Go to Gmail and select contacts. No under More pick up send contact and then select “Go to Old Contacts”. The user can now choose multiple contacts and download them as vCard, or Outlook CSV. You can then post this file as an attachment.

Bluetooth File Transfer

If the other contact is situated near you, you can also relocate multiple contacts with the help of Bluetooth. You can even download it using Bluetooth File Transfer from Play store for free.

You can choose the menu tab and click more to find send contacts choice. The user can then pick several contacts from the contact list and share them through Bluetooth with any paired device.

These apps let you share multiple contacts by just a single click. If you have to share just a single contact, you can easily use chat messengers such as the Whatsapp or long press contact name in contacts app on Android or else iPhone and then select share contact option.

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