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Not What I Ordered! 7 Effective Ways to Minimize Product Returns


Do you run an online business but suffer from several product returns recently? Are you worried that this will affect any future sales?

Don’t worry! It might sound like a serious problem but there are solutions to turn this situation around.

We’ve compiled several effective ways to reduce the number of product returns. Keep reading to improve and keep every customer satisfied:

1. Accurate Product Images

One major factor your customers use when deciding to buy a product from your website is the images provided for the picture. Product images are the only way for customers to get a feel of what the product looks like. They rely on it to be an accurate representation of what they’re planning to buy.

Make sure that the product images aren’t only of high quality but also depict the exact look of the product. There must be more than one picture provided. Each product has different sides and angles, make sure you show off every single one.

Your customers will be more likely to return a product if they get disappointed with what they receive. When they get what they ordered, it needs to meet what they were expecting of it.

2. Clear and Concise Descriptions

To avoid any confusion with what the product is and what it’s used for, a good description is necessary. In addition to that, a good description will improve your SEO and make it easier for customers to find your product.

Include all the products varied components and details. If the product is an item of clothing, give all the right sizing and dimensions. If the product relates to technology, it gives all of its different features and how it differs from other products.

You should also give a good explanation of your product’s use as well as a step-by-step guide on how to work the product or how to set it up, if applicable. Make sure that any description you’re writing about pushes your product in a positive light. While still being accurate of course.

3. Support Customer Reviews

Your customer will likely put their faith in the feedback of another customer. People who’ve previously purchased your product can give different insights into how the product turned.

They can also provide additional information. Something that wasn’t included with the product descriptions.

Your customers’ likelihood to purchase a product increases by 15% after reading verified reviews from other customers. Reviews can give your customers an idea of how the product operates in real-life scenarios.

This is a major factor to help sway a consumer into buying a certain product. This especially rings true when they consist of mostly positive reviews.

4. Great Customer Service

It’s not uncommon, especially in business, for something to go wrong. What’s one way to reassure your customer and help them when they come across any problems? It’s to provide great customer service.

A live chat lets the customers get the help that they need right away. Opening a conversation about the products gives them a way to ask questions about it. This will prevent customers from buying something that they might regret and end up returning.

If they do decide not to buy a product after discussing the features and uses of the product. Have it so that your customer service representatives provide different options for your consumer if they’re not satisfied.

You should also engage with the customer before and after the product ships. Keep them informed and up to date with any changes that happen or the whereabouts of the package.

5. Display Estimated Delivery Time

Before a customer purchases any product, you need to display when the estimated delivery time is. This is especially important for products that will take longer to reach the customer. Take weekends and holidays into account when giving an estimated date, to ensure it’s relatively accurate.

Giving an expected date will also let the customer plan out when to place an order for it to arrive on time. Keep everything transparent, hiding any details from your customers will only end in a negative experience.

Remember that each of your customers has different reasons for buying certain products. If they’ve ordered something for a specific event or occasion and it doesn’t arrive on time. They will be sure to return the product.

6. Package Your Packages Accordingly

Regardless of how close or how far your delivery has to go, something unexpected may happen during the journey. You seldom have any control over how they handle items from the warehouse to its destination. Prepare for any mishandling that may happen by packaging your products properly.

Damaged or broken products will mean in a dissatisfied customer and maybe even a return. 20% of all customer returns happen because of damages to the item. For items that are vulnerable to water damage, use waterproof packaging.

If you’re shipping any fragile items, wrap them carefully in bubble wrap and padding inside the box. You should also label these packages on the outside with a fragile or breakable sticker. This is all to ensure a safe journey and avoid any damages.

The kind of boxes you use can also be a deciding factor on whether or whether not your product arrives untouched. Corrugated boxes are stronger than average cardboard.

This is because of the air in between the corrugated layers. You can browse through different corrugated box manufacturers here.

7. Learn From Your Mistakes

Through the journey of you and your business, many mistakes will come along the way.

As it keeps growing, make sure that whenever you come across any mistakes, you take them in and use them to improve. When you learn from your errors, you can make a way of avoiding doing the same thing in the future.

Minimize Product Returns Now!

We hope that these tips helped in reducing product returns as well as improves the quality of your business. You will undoubtedly come across many mistakes when managing. Hopefully, you found this article helpful in resolving common issues.

You shouldn’t stop discovering new ways to stay ahead of the competition. If you want to read more articles like this, go ahead and check out the rest of our posts here!

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