Heard of tulle? What does it strike in your cerebral cortex when you hear those words?  They are reminiscent of the Victorian era and classical dancers in the tutu. They are synonymous with the terms delicate, dreams, and layers of lightness.

Fashion repeats itself all the time and it’s no different with tulle. Yes! Tulle is back in fashion and how! We know tulle being used for skirts, tops, hats, dresses, jeans (Well yeah!), gowns, and so on. But what if we tell you, you can use them, for an instant glam up, as socks? Don’t believe us? Read to believe.

Ruling the world of ramp walks of the biggest haute couture houses are tulle socks. They are hot this season. They easily capture the romanticism of an era gone by and yet are relevant in all contexts of modernity. And there’s no reason why it shouldn’t find a place in your boudoir. Add this feminine statement piece to dress up in an oh-so-super-stylish way the next time you head out of your home. You are sure to arrive as an ultimate diva and give your BFFs and BAEs major fashion goals.

Elegance takes another name with embellished tulle. You heard it right! Tulle can be embellished with as expensive an item as Swarovski diamond crystal to as simple a thing as another layer of interspersed fabric in motifs of flowers, stars, and all shapes you can imagine. Not just limited to these, rhinestones and pearls are also being used to embellish tulle these days.

The world went gaga when Rihanna carried those socks with embellished tulle on a red carpet event. Not just her, from Kendall Jenner to Jennifer Lopez to Demi Moore to Karlie Kloss- we can’t help but adore the sheer fashion power embellished sheer has taken the world over with.

It sounds weird to pair socks with heels, stilettos, ballerinas, pumps, and for that matter any footwear. To be honest it appears a major fashion goof-up. But tulle socks are the sassy solution to all such issues. Pair them up with any clothing wear such as skirt, dress, jeans, culottes, pants, and trench coat and in any season- winter, summer, or spring. You can even take them to bed for they are super sexy and super comfortable. Finally, you have one accessory you can go to for quick fashion inspiration and be sure of never going wrong.

Just remember to pair it right with the kind of apparel and footwear you are wearing them with. You are spoilt for choices as they are available in a variety of colors for you to nail the art of slaying just right. The age-old rule of ‘contrast’ will be an easy guide though you can always use your fashionista mind to give it another edge.

Embellished tulle or not, tulle is here to stay. Whether you want to add embellished tulle to your leg accessories or a simple one to pair with your OOTD (outfit of the day)- bring tulle home for happy feet, now!

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