How to Motivate Agents of Your Inbound Call Centers?


    Most companies hire call center for managing inbound calls. The reason behind is the importance that an inbound call holds in the success of every company. Indeed, treating the calls received by customers pertaining to anything and everything is vital. Getting the calls answered by the agents of inbound call centers help in steering the level of satiation and happiness amongst the customers of a company. This in turn not just helps in making the customers stick to your company but also in increasing the existing customer share of your company.

    However, the aforesaid is not possible without a pool of proficient agents that can handle even the angriest customers well. The key to customer satisfaction is not just limited to getting the call picked but proposing a solution to the problem raised by the customers appropriately and quickly. Nevertheless, the fact that reputed inbound call centers receive a call in bulk on a daily basis in known to all. Well! You being the manager of your team, ever imagined the kind of impact it has on the agents handling the calls one after the other? In fact, at peak hours, they are not even able to take tea or lunch breaks.

    Clearly, the agents get quite fatigued with this routine work. Hence, it becomes pertinent for you as a manager to have a viable solution to this problem to ensure that calls are handled appropriately. Therefore, in this blog, we mention five of the best ways to keep the agents of your call center motivated and boosted for working vigorously without letting the exhaustion noticeable to the customers while on call. Take a look.

    • Create a welcoming environment

    Cultivating an environment which is welcoming and warming doesn’t just mean having proper infrastructure. It also means fostering an environment of friendliness and belongingness. Maintain a healthy environment which is more than just appealing to the eyes.  For doing so, you can do little things like celebrating festivals and birthdays with the team. Talking to them humbly also counts as one of the great ways to make the employees come back to the office every day with glee. Basically, you should focus on making the new employees feel comfortable. Orientation helps a lot in this regard.

    •  Identify and appreciate brilliance
      As a manager, it’s your duty to observe the work of your team. Analyze and share your feedback with them. Appreciate the ones who are performing well and tell the ones who aren’t performing well, ways to improvise their working. Also, never ever denigrate the employee who isn’t living up to your expectation by giving them the example of other employees. Do not compare or humiliate. However, you should appreciate and reward the best performer in front of others. This will not only motivate him to perform better but fellow employees of the team as well. In case, you want to reward more than employees while staying in budget, you can gift movie tickets, shopping vouchers etc.
    • Create career development plans
      Every individual works first for his benefit and then for that of the organization. Hence, if the agents don’t see growth in the inbound call centers they work, the enthusiasm of even the most energetic ones drop. That is why it is necessary to promote the ones who perform well. Show your agents the career path. Offer them the kind of opportunities that make them stick to working diligently in your call center for a longer run.
    • Invest in their training:

    Training is undeniably very vital for the betterment of not just the employees but that of the company as well. You should train the employees continually. No individual would want to stay in a company where they don’t see any advancement in their knowledge and skills. This way the growth of individuals become stagnant. So, keep the employees of your company updated with the latest technology and change in their job profile. Organize workshops and seminars to make them feel you care for their career.

    • Encourage feedback: 

    Make the employees feel important by encouraging them to give feedback. Remember, they are the ones who talk to the agents directly. Hence, they are the ones who can give some feasible suggestions that can actually help your inbound call centers in improving customer satisfaction.

    In brief, you should always treat the employees of your call center well. They are the backbone of your business. In order to survive the growing competition in the call center industry, you should treat the agents of your company happily. When the agents will be happy and motivated, they will automatically treat the customers of your client extremely well. This, in turn, will lead to increased customer satisfaction and thus higher yields.

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