If you are someone who is living with one of the most deadly diseases, which is referred to as HIV, it is extremely important to maintain and protect the immune system, so that you can take care of the entire health of your body. When you are keeping your body healthy, it will be equipped in a much better manner to fight all the unwanted viruses and the different kinds of infections, which can make your body even weaker. People who are living with this virus need to replace all the unhealthy habits with a series of healthy habits.

If you do not know how to keep yourself healthy, you need to consider the following habits that have been listed below.

Practicing safe sexual intercourse

This is one of the most important habits that you should take care of and hence, it tops the list. You have to understand as to how this virus gets transmitted so that you can decrease the risk of transferring this infection to other people.

You should use condoms not only for preventing the unwanted spread of the virus, but you should also do it to protect both your partner and yourself from the sexually transmitted diseases and a number of other infections.

Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases

If you are likely to have another deadly sexually transmitted disease, there are chances that you will transmit both this disease as well as HIV to your partner or someone else. Sexually transmitted diseases are known to increase HIV and allow the disease to progress at a rapid pace.

HIV can make it extremely difficult for the sexually transmitted diseases to be treated. This is why you should get tested as most of the sexually transmitted diseases do not have any symptoms. If you are not testing, there are chances that you will have the disease without even realizing.

Follow the orders that your doctor has given you

In order to see if a patient is HIV positive, the doctors will require him to go through the ELISA test. If you want to conduct this test at home, you can purchase the ELISA kit from the reputed website of https://www.mybiosource.com/. You will also get detailed information about how the test is conducted.

It is necessary for the HIV patients to take the medications as the doctor has prescribed. If you skip even a single medication, they provide the virus with the opportunity to resist the drugs even when you are taking them regularly. You should take the prescribed medicines at a similar time each day and you should keep your medicines in your bag so that even if you are not in your home at the time of taking your medicine, you are not missing the dose.

Giving up on alcohol and drugs

Drug and alcohol overuse can lead to the formation of stressful feelings, which is one of the most significant causes of depression. You should avoid the illegal drugs and ensure that you are only taking the prescription drugs as your doctor has directed.

When you are avoiding drug abuse, it will help in preventing cognitive impairment, which is extremely important for minimizing dementia, which most HIV patients have.


You need to follow all the steps that are mentioned above in order to take a proper care of your health. You should also visit your doctor every week to understand if there are any other problems that your body is facing.

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