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Customers, the true asset of a company, must be dealt with in the most suitable manner in order to ensure a satisfactory customer experience. Every time you have an interaction with your customer, you get an opportunity to rebuild the relationship. Loyalty is born out of the experience and the treatment that the customer receives rather than the product itself. So, loyal customers come when you start making your customer interaction significantly meaningful. The hostility of the competitive environment today pushes each and every brand to put their best foot forward especially when it comes to ensuring the best support for customers. Selling the product needs to be considered as the beginning of the relationship and each interaction afterwards must be utilized to foster a long term relationship. Here are some of the trick and tips on how you can make every customer interaction count:


Listen with Curiosity: It is important that you listen not only to reply but also to understand. A careful listener would have more clarity on the issue that needs to be taken care of. You can also obtain the trust of the customer by being a patient listener. Once you understand the entire issue, you will either be able to solve it or offer interim solution. A meaningful interaction is the one that paves the path for a customer to have efficient responses from a person who cares and intends to solve the issue.


Keep it Simple: While complicated internal procedures may stand as an impediment, you should do the needful to offer the simplest solution possible. Whether it is a refund or a product enquiry, you should always provide the customer with straightforward easy-to-understand answer. While customers prefer not to know about the complex internal issues, they desire to receive assurance or information regarding how their issue is being looked into.


Be Flexible: Flexibility is key to success when it comes customer support. Not every customer will be happy with a mere refund when the problem emerges because of your fault. Therefore it is essential for you to be able to offer flexible options that can satisfy the customer. While nothing can be better than an apology in case of a mistake committed, you can always offer options that are adept at resolving the issue at hand.


Create a Roadmap: Most of the businesses today offer more than one customer support channel to offer a speedy solution to the issues raised by customers. However, you must ensure that the person behind all these channel are proficient and efficient at offering timely assistance. Create a meaningful interaction requires prompt response through each and every channel of communication.


Find the Root Cause: When you receive about hundred calls a day, it becomes a tedious task to look into each one of them. Responding with canned answers seems an easier option under such circumstances. However, you must possess the necessary customer service skills to probe deep into the issue and fine the root cause behind the problem. This will assist you in solving future problems as well. Once you inform the customer about the root cause of the issue, the customer will be able to understand your honest effort to solve the issue. Satisfying the queries raised by the customer makes a customer interaction meaningful.


Customer Interaction Life Cycle: Equal treatment of each and every stage of customer interaction life cycle is paramount to the success of customer support. The customer interaction life cycle comprises of five stages i.e. greeting, understanding, agreeing, solving and closing. Guiding the customer to make an informed decision or helping the customer to have a problem resolved is the key to success. As you take the customer through these five stages, the customer should be able to understand the fervour and ardour with which you are dealing the issue.


360 Degree Customer Views: Integrating all the communication channels will enable the customer support agent to have a comprehensive knowledge of the customer, his or her purchase history and so on. Making the best use of the most efficient tools can pave the path for you to have a meaningful interaction.


Don’t Make Them Wait: While getting in touch, many customers have to hold the phone while the customer support agents transfer the call to another department. During this time, customers get to hear an automated message which is often irritating. However, you can solve this issue by providing the customer with the reason you are transferring the call. This will help the customer to stay relaxed as he or she will know that you are doing your best to resolve the issue.


Act on Feedback: Customers consider themselves to be well-treated when companies show effort to take action on the feedback provided. Once the invaluable input from feedback has been incorporated, you can communicate with the customer to express your gratitude. This is not only the foundation of a purposeful interaction but also of a long term relationship.


Respect Your Customers: No company in this world will be able to do business and sustain without customers. You must respect the concern of the customer and the problem that the issue is causing him or her. Once treated well, customers tend to make repurchase from a brand and hence significantly contribute to the profit.