Maha tweaks 3-yr-old cost-cutting diktat, lets colleges to hire full-time principals

About three years later, the State Government and private assisted universities ban the refugee admissions, they have chosen to fill the vacant posts. At present, 105 schools in Mumbai and 27 full time of 95 universities in Kank district.

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A round round out issued on Monday said that the Statewide Department has assured the principal to stop buying, because their aim is fundamental for daily and efficient work in school and the evaluation of institutions by the administrators. And for confirmation.

“There are many [college with empty principal position.” A different offer to strengthen the position of the expected positions from different position office, “said Additional Boss Secretary, Higher Boss Secretary, High and Special Training Division.

To check the use of government at the representatives of representatives and to provide security related to the state, the State has ordered to make new posts and stop the current posts in 2015. An arrangement issued in May 2016, the report states that until their current post is considered, separate offices will be prevented and will solve the second authentic structure.

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In January, HT revealed that DED’s Higher Education Institute (DHE) has not returned any protest examination (NOC) schools issued for the name of nine employees. Accordingly, in schools where the principal was going to terminate or terminate their five-year term, it is unlikely to be fully important in the following few months. The two principal gatherings from the University of Mumbai – University Principal Association (UMCPA) and non-governmental colleges (NCN) asked the state that schools will be able to buy new principal.

Principal has now respected the selection of states. “Implementation Principal agree with their administration and there is no need to take advantage of government projects. They require additional responsibilities for a slightly lesser compensation. The state says the reduction in the prices due to the increase in the entry A full-time primary is not included in a much higher cost, “said TA Share, Executive, NGC.

The Shia should still issue the NOCs and the colleges should confirm that they start the entry procedure at the veryest moment. “It will take at least two months to choose a new principal,” he said.

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