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Macron prepares for ‘difficult but necessary’ Putin meeting

French President Emmanuel Mackonon will go to St. Petersburg for his third consecutive meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

No month before, McMahon and American President Donald Trum does not expect to show love. Russia and France are not close partners. The relationship between Macron and Putin went away from a terrible start when Russian Pyder emphasized the opposition of the Mubarak one year ago in the presidential war.

Putin was in any case when the state’s main remote head welcomed France by McKon. On May 29, 2017, in his public interview in Veres, Macon decided to “neutral” reports in Russian media, and said that if he used to use compound weapons to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, Putin’s prototype. If you do, then you will attack it.

Assad apparently joined the United States and the United Kingdom in April to attack Assad’s power in the third decade after using a weapon in the Middle East. They will be Russian from Syria. In any case, attacks in Syria continued to be an unusual failure with the West of Russia. In March, a Russian two-two specialist was suffering from the sailorbi surgery skill, and her girl demanded a ban on almost a trip.

Reduce it

Examples say relations between Russia and the West are the poorest since the end of poverty. Crimea’s Russia’s decision was taken in 2014, and helped the Russian separatists to decide. On May 15th, Putin fired a Russian construction schedule in a row in Crete. This unhappiness was not demonstrated in the May 2007 German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to Succi and Macon’s landing runs.

Yet, tonnes have been changed to Russia’s maximum number of Russia’s western countries, which needs to be dropped from the Iranian nuclear program in 2015, which Trump rejected on May. Under this arrangement, Iran has focused on testing its nuclear program so as to result in conqualification facilities.

Putin welcomed Merkel with a white rose and a group of Russian authorities that Le Monde had shown that Putin was acquiring as Macron as “the Pearl of the Western World”.

“I need a significant and memorable change with Vladimir Putin, Russia does not have to change Europe to Europe, to deal with Europe,” Macon told Journal Dom Demonha. ” The steps to represent the house in Saint Petersburg will reinforce millions of Russians, who killed Barti in private invasion of Lindra, and face Russian respect to the Marsisite artist Maris Petett, together with the Russian Mermaid Artist in dance.

‘Completely basic’

With Putin’s dialogue with Putin, Iran will focus on Iran’s deal, Syria, and Ukraine to spread around Ukraine. One of Macron’s advisors said, “We are aware of how disturbing it will be to get the goals of understanding and move forward.” “Meanwhile, we are resolving to such as, in fact the fact that it is completely important.”

Advisor on Iran said, “The inquiry will be done: Can we take further steps to respect our responsibilities with Iran?” This means that European organizations have to explore the approach to nuclear deal with Iran with nuclear restrictions.

Putin is an ex-account when the restrictions are around. Europe has not shown any distress to challenge illegal American laws in global trade institutions, however, Macon can shorten Putin on the prospect of directing exchange with Iran in euros in Euros through European Investment Bank.

It is as if there is a significant difference between Paris and Moscow regarding the nuclear deal. Household needs to address Iran’s ballisticistic rocket program, what will happen after the Iranian exercises and military operations and contracts after the end of 2025. Moscow, like Iran, understand its way.

Western partner

Putin is at the quality of Syria. In 2012, Damascus closes its official office in Damascus, and Macron faces the influence of the previous French order. Their re-recommendations are strong for forming contact congregations or to hold peace meetings. Putin had said a house in a stable political process in Syria, if Macon encouraged him to support the West in Russia.

On May 10, Iranian power traded trade with Israel in Syria. Another mechanism consultant said, “We will pressure Syria to influence the tensions between the Syrian forces in the Syrian conflict, another macro consultant said,” Russia will agree read more.

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