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Businesses are now relying on data to help them become intelligent. Data science now occupies one of the most lucrative jobs of the century and it is by far the best thing today. 56% of job openings in the U.S. were said to have opened within the past year. Data science holds as one of the nest jobs of America for 2019, says a recent LinkedIn report. Since the past decade data science have been gaining momentum, no doubt it was awarded as the best jobs in America fir the past four years now.

Due to digital transformation, the growth of data is seen to grow in abundance. And now more than ever organizations are calling upon data science professionals to garner information and gain positive insights from it.

In simple terms, these data science professionals help companies interpret the data that helps solve complex problem using tools and techniques in variety of niches.

Although most professionals have data science certifications and have skills in data science often fail finding the right kind of job. This generally happens due to lack of exposure in this competitive job market.

Here’s what you can do today:

  1. Create your portfolio

As a data science professional, your portfolio should be able to talk on your behalf. Recruiters will like only what they see, and projects are certain things that adds value to your portfolio. Once you have built your portfolio with the projects you have done, it is time that you optimize your presence in the social networking community as well e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. LinkedIn is a platform where one gets the opportunity to follow potential employers, check for job updates and build a network of professionals. Having a data science portfolio showcases the employers that you have the skills they’re looking to hire for, it acts as a great substitute for job experience other professionals lack.

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile

Keeping track on LinkedIn is the best option for candidates looking for a data science job. One can update their LinkedIn status to increase visibility in the network. Ensure you fill out the summary section, location, educational background. Make sure you specify the industry you’re looking to get hired in along with your current job position and current job skills. Companies are quite familiar with online data science programs and data science certifications, thus, adding up a data science certification can be an add-on value for the candidate.

  1. Participate in data science competitions, attend a workshop or a summit

Active participation is data science competitions will give you an edge over others in the competitive market. Kaggle is a great platform to start off with, over here one can start by taking up small datasets and solving them. Doing so will give you the experience to tackle real world problems and challenges in the data world. Focus on open source programs related to R and Python programming, you will not only gain exposure but there is a high possibility for you to get selected for interviews.

  1. Join data based networks and circles

As a data scientist, it is a good practice to join data science based network and association. You get the opportunity to come across great data scientists, building network might get you referrals or if you’re lucky maybe an opportunity to sit for an interview. Look for mentors, at times you may find the right person who can guide you in the field of data science.

  1. Register on data science job portals

Look out for specific data science job titles, ensure your skills are aligned accordingly. Once you have these job titles in mind, you can start registering on job portals such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster etc. you can also target certain companies and apply on their careers page.

When employers look to hire the right candidate, they look for professionals who can demonstrate their skills and build things. Make sure your portfolio is filled with indicators that you’re the right person for that job.


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