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Looking For Suppliers who supply iPhone parts in wholesale?

Looking for suppliers who supply iPhone parts wholesale USA? Do you own a repair shop in the USA and didn’t found yet any reliable wholesale supplier that can supply Samsung and Apple phone parts to you?

Now you don’t need to look further as you will get all the information like what to look for in the Samsung and Apple phone parts suppliers, in this article.

You can find various suppliers online that are supplying the repair parts throughout the USA and Canada. Choosing the right supplier which is best for you is so difficult. So, before choosing any supplier, you can consider trying to find answers to the following questions. It would help you in choosing the right supplier for you.

Do They Give Discounts if You Buy Repair Parts in Bulk?

It can’t be better if you get discounts on the Apple repair parts that you buy. Some suppliers may win your heart by giving you the best discount in the market when you buy repair parts in bulk. To get discount information, you should check out the ‘Payment and pricing’ section of the supplier’s website.

What are the Payment Methods They Accept?

Every supplier accepts payment in some form. They can accept credit cards and some may accept PayPal as the payment method. Some suppliers may accept both credit cards and PayPal. These payment methods are secured. If you still don’t want to pay with cards online, you can call them and ask if you can pay over the phone?

Do they provide additional information About Their Products?

Who would not buy the cake from a cake shop if the owner tells you the process of baking the tasty cakes? In a similar way, some Apple parts suppliers often let you know how they test touch screens of iPhones by posting on their website. You can always reach them by Email, phone or chat if you have some questions you want to ask them.

What are Their Shipping Charges?

When you buy repair parts in bulk, you want to get it by paying 0$ as shipping cost. The Good news is that some iPhone parts wholesale USA suppliers don’t take shipping charges if you place an order over a threshold. The threshold might differ from supplier to supplier. It can be $250 or $300.

Do they provide a Warranty on Samsung and Apple Phone Repair Parts?

If a supplier is providing some warranties on their products, then it shows that the supplier is very confident about the quality of products that they sell. Check if the supplier provide you a warranty on the Apple and Samsung parts you buy. It could last from one month to three months, depends on the supplier. Sometimes you can get a Lifetime limited warranty on some parts from the supplier. You must ensure that you are getting some warranty on your purchased repair part.

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