LEGO® Fortnite®. What do we know?


Are you ready for a new gaming experience? Introducing LEGO Fortnite, a game that combines the classic LEGO® building blocks and the popular Fortnite game to create an exciting and creative playground for players of all ages.

LEGO® Fortnite® is a unique blend of the legendary LEGO® elements and the popular Fortnite game. It provides endless possibilities for creativity and adventure while ensuring players a safe and secure environment. Imagine a world where you can build, bash, and rebuild – the only limit is your imagination.

This standalone game offers a vastly creative playground that integrates the best of both LEGO® and Fortnite. It focuses on long-term survival, crafting, and online cooperation with friends, thus providing endless opportunities for players to create and explore. It’s not just about battles but also about building, expanding, and leveling up villages, exploring dark, mysterious caves filled with loot and enemies, or simply enjoying the process of crafting your own LEGO® creations.

In LEGO® Fortnite®, players can choose between two worlds: Survival and Sandbox. In a Survival world, players become heroes, gathering resources, building structures, crafting tools and weapons, fighting enemies, and exploring a vast open world. In contrast, a Sandbox world is like having a bottomless box of LEGO® bricks and elements. It’s all about crafting and expressing yourself without worrying about fighting enemies or needing to harvest material.

Safety is a top priority in LEGO® Fortnite®. It allows eight players to jump in simultaneously in one world, fostering cooperation and community. The video game also provides extensive in-game parental controls, allowing adults to manage their child’s experience in the game. Epic Games’ parental controls will further enable you to set restrictions on social features, purchases, friend requests, and more.

To start playing LEGO® Fortnite®, an Epic Games account is required. You can also sign in with an existing LEGO, Epic Games, Nintendo®, PlayStation, or Xbox account. The game supports crossplay, allowing players from different platforms to join a match, providing a genuinely inclusive gaming experience.

In summary, LEGO® Fortnite® is a playground for players of all ages, whether you prefer daring adventures or enjoy building castles in the air. It’s all about fostering imagination and creativity, and playing together is the ultimate social experience in LEGO® Fortnite®.