Knowing Shea Butter and Its Significance in Our Daily Life Products

    Knowing Shea Butter and Its Significance in Our Daily Life Products

    Nature comprises so many secrets within that a lot of them are still unexplored. There are multiple uses of a single gift given by mother nature. For instance, the fruits of shea trees are not just meant for eating but become one of the most valuable ingredients for beauty products industry. Shea trees abundantly grow in the western regions of Africa which is the main source of its butter. We obtain butter from its kernel. Apart from natural wild growth, shea trees are now widely planted all over Western Africa for commercial purpose. The high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids is the main reason why unrefined shea butter is so popular all over the world. Generally, everyone considers it as only a moisturizer. However, it comprises a lot of other benefits that you will come to understand in the points below. 

    Which shea butter you should prefer?

    Like most of the hydrogenated products available in the market, shea butter is also available in two forms. You can buy refined & unrefined shea butter of leading brands that are trading all over the world. When it comes to the maximum benefits, we recommend preferring the unrefined variant because it is the purest form. 

    Significant uses of shea butter 

    1. The abundance of vitamin A & Vitamin E are the main reasons why it is a great natural antioxidant. Adding antioxidants in food are very important because it protects the epidermis & dermis layer of skin from free radicals. These free radicals are the main reasons why you look older than actual age. Whether you consume in diet or use as a moisturizer, it will work in both ways. 
    2. Skin moisturization is the primary objective of shea butter which also contributes a major portion in the global market. Topical elements like creams & creams comprising this butter protect skin from roughness in the driest seasons. Fatty acids including stearic oleic & palmitic are abundantly present in this butter. 
    3. Antibacterial & antifungal properties of shea butter make it an effective ointment. Applying it on abnormal skin reduces the infestation of microbes. People suffering from fungal diseases like ringworm can use it as an effective natural remedy. It is a moisturizer but also clears excess oil from the skin and help in getting relief from acne.
    4. Along with removing free radicals, it is also capable of restoring collagen in the body naturally. Collagen protein is responsible for youthful skin. When it reduces after crossing 50 years of life, wrinkles start occurring. Shea butter helps in improving the production of collagen again. For better results, you may also need laser treatment because it also stimulates the production of collagen naturally in the human body. 
    5. If dead skin is making you look dull and older than actual age, the antioxidant properties of shea butter can help in restoration. The moisturizing properties of this amazing natural fruit regenerate new skin cells much faster than usual. Our body releases around 40000 dead skin cells every day. If they are not regrowing at the same speed, wrinkles and fine lines start appearing. 
    6. Not only a moisturizer, but shea butter is also a great natural sun repellent. It contains SPF 4 that adds an extra layer of protection from the sun. Currently, many beauty products manufacturers are using this butter for sunscreen lotions. 

    The information in the above points clearly illustrating shea butter benefits in improving your skin condition. The fatty acids and vitamins moisturize your skin, protect it from UV rays and also heal a lot of dermal abnormalities. 

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