Know About Douglas Newton

As a wise man once said, a successful business is first the function of human resources. It takes a humble, visionary, and purpose-driven personality like Mr. Douglas Newton to achieve a lot of success in the business world. Mr. Newton’s uncommon ability to inspire others to do more, pushing beyond boundaries and taking initiatives is one of the acute personal qualities that best describe him.

Who is Douglas Newton?

Douglas Newton is an astute businessman, a Co-Founder, and also a Senior Managing Director of CC Capital. Mr. Newton bagged an A.B. in Economics from Dartmouth College (1996-2000), before proceeding to the Stanford University Graduate School of Business for his Masters of Business Administration from 2004 to 2006.

Doug is a relentless learner. An epistemophilia, whose fondness for knowledge has propelled him to become efficient in various skills including Microsoft Excel, Project Management, Business Development, Corporate Finance, Financial Reporting, Marketing, Customer Service, Equities, Hedge Funds, Analysis, Equity Research, and Valuation. This impressive catalog of skills has best been perceived as one of Mr. Newton’s core backbone for the numerous successes he has achieved in the business world.

Mr. Newton and CC Capital

Every successful company doesn’t achieve its success overnight; it all comes from the brains behind the establishment. If you take a detailed perusal to these inspiring establishments, you will find out that they are run by competent hand(s) that are audacious, resilient, not afraid of change, and above all, inspirational.

The numerous hallmark success of CC Capital shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the brains and brawn behind this company. One of the reputable personalities to have made a tremendous contribution to the Company is Mr. Douglas Newton.

Doug is the Senior Managing Director of CC Capital. Riding on his vast skills and endless archive of experience in the public and private markets, Doug has lead CC Capital in its unending throes of victory. During his tenure at the helms of affair of the financial department of CF Corporation, Doug (as Chief Financial Officer) helped CC Capital to acquire Fidelity & Guaranty Life at $2.5 billion, using the CF Corporation as the capital drivetrain. Also, Doug played a huge role in CC Capital’s $7.2 billion acquisition of Dun & Bradstreet.

The success story of CC Capital will never be complete without the mention of the legendary feats of Mr. Douglas Newton. His enormous contributions to the growth of CC Capital and his inspiring personality will forever be exemplary throughout the life span of the company.

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