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Keeping up to date with our fast paced world

The world has been moving faster than we can imagine owing to the ever fascinating advances in the field of technology. Especially development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has thrown open a world of new possibilities which did not exist before. Thanks to AI that machines are ever closer to us and we are continuously shifting towards a smarter ecosystem.

The future is here!

Gone are the days when we had to go through a sea of information manually and arrive at conclusions as AI enabled systems can efficiently do all that within seconds. Moreover, AI is being increasingly accepted all around the world. For instance the government of UK has made more than 12K pieces of information available to such smart speakers like Alexa and Google assistant owing to which people living in UK can get access to important information easily that too within seconds and anywhere they want. Kudos to AI that better accessibility options are not limited to only individuals but also corporates, research facilities, educational institutions, governmental organizations and a plenty of other institutions. Thus, many students and professionals are going for a good AI certification program as it is easily understood that the more AI is adopted across industries, the more it will generate jobs.

Fascinating powers of AI and India’s first humanoid cop!

The capacity of AI is not limited to easy access to information either; AI has been helping to predict climate changes, recognize potential markets and preventing crimes!

For instance the Kerala Police has installed India’s first humanoid robot- KP Bot, which can perform a range of tasks starting from giving directing visitors, fixing appointments and filing complaints. The AI system behind the robot is so advanced that it can easily recognize superiors and greet them with a perfect salute and also block intruders in the state police headquarters.

Impressive record of investment!

AI is no longer a privilege of the future as the real life applications of it is being increasingly adopted by businesses all over the world. The amount of money invested in this space bears testimony of the fact that AI is revolutionizing the world we live in. A TOI report in April, 2019 informs that AI startups raised a decent $ 13 million of investments in 2018 and has already attracted more than $6million this year. Last month in the healthcare segment Frontdesk.ai raised $2million alone and another conversational AI platform- Yellow Messenger was able to raise more than $4million.

What do such developments indicate?

Well besides signifying that the rapid progress of technology has made sure that our world is fast catching up with the future, it also points out that AI can be a real game changer for many. For instance those who have high hopes to make a career in technology, AI should be their choice of field. It leaves no doubt that an AI certification will increase an individual’s chances of landing on a lucrative job offer.

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