Joe Cianciotto Talks About The Job Role of a Presentation Designer

PowerPoint presentations have become a common element of contemporary boardroom meetings and office workshops. It serves as an engaging and interesting tool for sharing information with shareholders, employees, clients, vendors and other stakeholders. As mentioned by Joe Cianciotto due to its growing importance in the corporate landscape, managers must give a special focus on developing attractive, informative and engaging presentations for all their important meetings. Mr. Cianciotto himself has worked as a presentation designer, and hence is well aware of the importance of developing good presentations for company meetings.

Only a good presentation, that has an attractive layout and robust design can create a positive impression on the meeting attendees. A good presentation can influence decisions, and help in enhancing business prospects. For example, a person is planning to pitch a start-up idea to the investors with the help of a presentation. In case their presentation is not informative or engaging enough, there is a high chance that they shall not get the needed funding to start their business. Joe Cianciotto says that in order to avoid such risks, it is vital to hire professional presentation designers to create believable, informative, interesting and visually appealing PowerPoint presentations.

Presentation designers specialize in creating PowerPoint slides and presentation layouts, and have a strong eye for design. They are always on the lookout for new presentation trends, and have expertise in perfectly translating the objectives of their clients into slides. Presentation designers strive to uphold brand standards, while developing effective, dynamic and well-thought-out presentations. They usually work with both internal and external stakeholders of a company to ensure that the viewpoints and inputs of all are properly reflected in the company presentations.

There are many reasons that make it important to hire professional presentation designers, rather than asking any in-house staff member to make a presentation for an important meeting. Here are some of those reasons, as highlighted by Joe Cianciotto:

  • Many typical company professionals who are inexperienced in making presentations simply end up copy-pasting content from the web to decrease their workload. However, showing plagiarized content to important investors can create an extremely negative impression of the business on their minds. Professional presentation designers, however, always use original content and incorporate industry-relevant phrases into the presentation to add more value to it. They do a good amount of research before using any information. Showing a presentation with informative and unique content will invariably create a good impression on the investors.
  • While an in-house company employee might have all the information to be showcased through a presentation, making information PPT friendly is an art by itself. PowerPoint presentations do not require large paragraphs of information. In fact, all details must be presented in a concise and smart manner there, along with the usage of graphics, in order to grab and maintain the attention of all. Presentation designers know exactly how to get the ideas of their clients across in the most effective manner. They use innovative layouts and graphics to display information in an interesting fashion.

Hiring experienced presentation designers can prove to be quite advantageous for any business, especially if they have an important meeting coming up.

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