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Interesting Facts About Lab-Grown Diamonds


Also known as cultured diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are really popular these days. They are in huge demand in the market and the people all over the world have accepted them. Natural diamonds have always been under the shadow of controversy for decades now. From being one of the major contributors to the world pollution levels to influencing conflicts, the mining of natural diamonds has had severe consequences over the years. That is why a lot of people are shifting their focus from them.

Lab-grown diamonds seem to be the best and most reliable alternative to mined diamonds. These are 100% pure and their physical and chemical properties are also identical. The story of lab grown diamonds has come a long way and now we will tell you a few interesting facts about these diamonds in today’s blog.

  1. Lab-made diamonds are known by different names. That is why you can get confused when it is the first time you are shopping for it. Some of the names by which it is known includes – cultivated diamonds, cultured diamonds, lab created diamonds, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamonds, or HPHT Diamonds.
  1. Diamonds which are created in the lab are created with the help of two popular methods. The first one is the chemical vapor deposition method in which the carbon particles settle down in the diamond seed and then accumulate in order to form the diamond. Another method involves the use of high temperature and pressure which is just the way natural diamonds form under the earth’s crust.
  2. The demand and production of lab-made diamonds have increased significantly over the last few years. The total amount of lab-made diamonds sold in 2019 was almost equal to two million carats. This figure is likely to cross more than 20 million carats by 2026. Also, the top diamond giants and corporates have started to sell lab-grown diamonds around the globe. This tells you a lot about their popularity.
  3. The diamonds created in the laboratory are not synthetic diamonds. The diamonds made in the laboratory are real and genuine diamonds. They have the characteristics of pure carbon and are completely similar to the diamonds mined from the earth. Pyroxene or cubic zirconia (CZ) can be called synthetic or man-made diamonds as they are only similar to beauty and do not have the exact traits or carbon properties of natural diamonds.
  4. Majority of the diamonds that are grown in the laboratories are of the best quality and all of them qualify as the type IIa. This is the best form and quality of diamond in the world. The diamonds which fall under these categories are not only strong and durable but they have a whole different appearance. They come with the best shine and clarity you have ever seen.

So, these are some very interesting facts about the lab-grown diamonds found these days. Visit the labcreated diamonds blog and learn more about these diamonds right now.

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