Today’s businesses have a new-found appreciation of Instagram. With over 300 million active monthly users, it offers businesses the opportunity to grow organic Instagram followers using the right strategies and without buying ads.

Following are 10 tips from a leading SEO company in Connecticut that will help you grow organic Instagram followers.

  1. Create a Bio that Clarifies your Businesses Purpose

This is a simple tip that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Creating a bio that clarifies the businesses purpose plays an important part in a successful Instagram business platform. Create a bio that clearly describes your business, giving users a reason to follow you, letting them know what they can anticipate seeing.

  1. Spark Meaningful Engagement

To ignite meaningful engagement that will turn passive members into loyal Instagram followers, create posts that are designed to open someone’s mind, making them more responsive. Also, when people ask questions, provide a thoughtful response that helps encourage them to move forward.

  1. Reinforce Familiarity by Creating a Photo Theme

Because Instagram’s platform is similar to a digital magazine, it’s a good idea to create content that conveys a similar vibe or theme. For instance, use the same filter on all of your photos, post photos representing the same subject matter or crop them all the same way.

  1. Increase Instagram Followers by Using Hashtags

Using hashtags (the right ones) will present your photos to a larger, targeted audience. You’ll achieve the best results when it comes to interactions on your Instagram posts if you use a minimum of 11 hashtags.

  1. Increase Discovery by Using Emoji’s

Emoji’s have become a language of their own on Instagram. As a matter of fact, Instagram has reported that approximately 50% of all comments and captions on the site include emoji’s. Since, like your user name or hashtag, emoji’s are searchable on Instagram, people can find you based on which emoji you use.

  1. Consistently Post

Post high quality content, consistently and frequently. Although the average Instagram user posts one time a day, successful accounts typically post several times a day. Come up with a frequency you can commit to and stick to it.

  1. Quickly Respond to Comments and Questions

Once your posts begin to receive comments, make it a point to respond to everyone in an engaging manner. It’s also a good idea to identify and engage with others that publish content that’s related to your business. You’ll be able to find these users by looking at hashtags that are relevant to your brand and interests and by viewing the Instagram followers on some of your favorite accounts.

  1. Cross Promotion

If you have a website and/or blog or are on other social sites like Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to broadcast the fact that you’re on Instagram as well. Share the fact that you’re also on Instagram on all of your social sites, adding a link to your Instagram page, along with a screenshot. You can also share your Instagram username in a post, growing your Instagram followers by asking them to “follow you” on Instagram.

  1. Use Audience Preferences Adjust Your Content Strategy

It’s important to look through your previously posted photos occasionally to determine which posts received the most likes and comments. This step will help you provide more of what your Instagram followers are interested in and eliminate the types of posts that aren’t performing well.

  1. Attract New Instagram Followers with Contests

To bring in new Instagram followers and provide your current followers with something to look forward to, run contests based on free giveaways. When the contest comes to an end, ask winners to tag you in an Instagram post that reveals what they won. Every winner’s post will expose your account and brand to even more potential Instagram followers.

Growing Instagram followers will lead to more sales for your business and a more powerful community for your brand. The tactics listed here will definitely help you accomplish this.


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