Employee motivation has always played an essential role in workplace productivity and improving the office environment. Motivated employees tend to put in maximum efforts into their daily tasks, which in turn is beneficial for the company.

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As an employer, you must be well aware of the different ways to keep your employees motivated throughout the day. However, in this article, we have come up with some unconventional ways to increase employee motivation.

We know for a fact that every company and people working there are different, but the following five simple ideas are definitely worth trying to improve your employee motivation.

1: Encourage your employees to pursue hobbies

As an employer, you should encourage your employees to pursue their passion. This, in turn, shows them that you are interested in their happiness outside of their work ethics as well. So, whether you let your employees leave early once in a while for engaging in their desired hobby or give them a gift card to a local attraction, it will certainly have a positive impact on their productivity levels.

After all, most of these opportunities and dreams are lost due to a busy work schedule.

Note: You can send out feedback forms to learn more about your employees and their interests. The results of this can come in handy when planning engaging corporate events.

2: Allow innocent office pranks

By allowing your employees to perform innocent and harmless office pranks on one another, you will help them let loose and have some fun with each other. We certainly do not mean that a prank should occur every month, but encouraging an environment where occasional pranks are accepted is enough. Pranks also increase creativity and innovative thinking in your employees. Just learn to have fun with it!

For instance, you can wrap an office in wrapping paper or cover it with sticky notes. Alternatively, fill the place with lots of balloons. All these pranks are certainly harmless and ensure that your employees feel that are spending a huge amount of their time in a friendly, fun environment.

3: Plan an award banquet

Planning out an award banquet usually makes receiving awards even more special. However, make sure you have the budget to plan one. If you do not have the required budget, you can always hold the award banquet in your own conference room. Another option could be reserving a venue that fits your budget.

If the budget permits, send invitations to your employees’ close family members. This way each recipient will receive praises for their strong points in front of their loved ones. Make their family a part of your company for this one day.

Such action will encourage everyone in your company to keep working hard. In case the planning of this event becomes complex, you can always involve people and assign them with responsibilities. Having your employees’ involved in the planning process will help make the event even more special.

To create a buzz around this event, you can send out emails, hang flyers around the workplace and create invitations. Such events do not happen often, so try to make it special for everyone involved.

4: Arrange engaging activities

Team building activities are said to increase the overall motivation levels in the workplace. Whether your employees are involved in competitive games or one that involves teamwork, you can talk to an event company in your area that offers activities such as pit-stop challenges and other f1-themed events for improving employee engagement. You can find out more about pit stop challenges by visiting their website and develop an event around your brand.

Participating in team building activities will motivate your employees to continue working together. It is essential that employees feel comfortable with their co-workers, and that they become familiar with the way each individual works. Encouraging them to participate in engaging activities will definitely help you accomplish this.

On the other hand, you can also ask your employees for their opinions or allow them to come up with their own unique ideas for engaging activities. Put up a suggestion box so that everyone has a say and a chance to do something they enjoy.

5: Organise a ‘theme’ day

These days are all about comfort and fun. For instance, a pyjama day, crazy hat day or mismatch day all bring a little joy to the office.. When your employees are comfortable and happy at work, they become motivated as well. You can conduct a theme day every once a month, especially if it is giving your employees a much-needed break from their hectic schedule. Everyone needs an occasional break from their routine in order to continue working their hardest.

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