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Importance of Author Bio in SEO


When working in digital marketing, professionals run the risk of becoming too technocratic in their approach.

One big complaint companies have of the SEOs and marketing execs they hire is that there is a lack of emphasis on anything which doesn’t impact on a tactical level.

In marketing, not everything is meant to be tactical. Some things are simply done to build a connection with the target audience. This is something many SEOs miss and end up hurting their own efforts to run a successful campaign.

While we have a lot to thank digital marketing for, the one thing it has propagated is a more data-intensive approach to the field. A more analytical approach to marketing is a welcome change, but it doesn’t help if all SEOs care about is focus-testing each and every marketing message and topic on which content is to be created.

In fact, one of the major requirements of freshers from digital marketing institutes is to have a good instinct regarding the fundamentals of marketing, rather than simply having technical knowledge of the field.

In this article, we cover the importance of author bio and its role in SEO.

Is Author Bio Important for SEO?


Having an author bio does not help a website climbs the places on SERPs.

Does that mean an author’s bio is not important?

This is where a need to think beyond SEO comes into the picture.

There is a common SEO abbreviation called E-A-T which translates to expertise, authority, and trust. EAT guidelines simply refer to three qualities the platform and content SEOs are promoting should have.

The third factor, trust, is very interesting. Building trust online is an important step is building a brand through digital marketing. Given the level at which companies compete for traction online, a brand that is more trusted is bound to have a greater presence on key platforms.

Building trust is a long process and requires SEOs to do a lot of things. Having an author’s bio may not help SEO-wise, but it is still a great way to build trust with the audience.

Think about it. When a reader is able to see that an actual person has written a piece of content, not to mention a person who has the authority to speak on the subject. If the goal is to build trust, an author’s bio is a small step that can reap great dividends. Furthermore, a website that has an author’s bio is also more likely to be appreciated for giving its writers their moment in the sun.

In Conclusion

An author’s bio is a common part of many websites that get a decent amount of traffic. However, this doesn’t mean that author bio particularly helps in getting better search traffic. It is a way to build greater trust with the audience and rely on that to improve the website’s brand and user retention rate.

About the Author – Kriti Aman is an influential tech and marketing blogger with seven years of experience in the field. She also works as a part-time trainer at DelhiCourses.in, one of the best institutes for those looking for a digital marketing course in Delhi.

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