If you Have to Money, Go for a EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 Visa also known as the ‘golden visa’ has garnered huge popularity. So what makes this visa so popular and why are so many applicants going for this Visa in particular?

  1. The EB-5 investor visa assures migration with an incentive. It allows you to get a faster eligibility to acquire the coveted Green Card.
  2. If you’re a high earning individual- businessman or a corporate executive then you should opt for this. This visa is highly recommended seeing that the demand for it has tripled since the past one and a half years with more than 340 applicants in the year 2016.
  3. It allows high net worth individuals by putting their place on the global map. This visa category is more transparent and easier when it comes to other visa categories.
  4. It is affordable for rich individuals. An Indian is required to invest around three and a half crores for himself, his wife and his unmarried children, however the Trump government plans to hike this amount to a great extent, to almost six crore rupees.
  5. Unlike other visas, for a us eb5 green card visa you don’t require a minimum educational qualification, nor do you need a proper income certificate. All you need is to prove to the officials that the money you have is legitimate and is not earned from any wrong arenas. The money can be from your inheritance, it can be a gift, a loan against a given collateral or the easiest- you’ve earned it from your business or profession.

Now that this is completely settled, think about the options of the city you want to go to if you move into the country. Here are a few cities that are the best when it comes to American immigrants, for its low cost and better economics sanctions.

  1. Seattle: Seattle’s population has such a high number of foreign immigrants that nearly one complete part of the residents out of 5 in the city are foreign born. It allows for great immigrant integration into the daily workforce. It has a programme which goes by the name ‘Ready to Work’ programme that helps to build skill to become completely ready for a job in the States.
  2. Boston: Boston has always been looked upon as a city that is a paradise for immigrants dating back to the beginning of the 20th century when all the foreigners made Boston one of the busiest ports of entry. Boston has proper work ethics and a minimum of 11 dollars wage. It has universal preschool and very cheap public transportation.
  3. San Jose is one of the most immigrant friendly locations in the US. It has rolled out specific programmes and campaigns to help immigrants who are both legally and illegally residing in the US. This city really takes care of its immigrants which is why you should move in here with an  eb5 investment visa us green card.

Recently the offices around San Jose have promised to put more than one and a half million towards legal assistance for immigrants on the verge of deportation. However these immigrants people should be the ones who have no committed serious violent crimes.

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