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Kitchen, being an integral part of the house, requires a lot of research to go into choosing the basic style and elements. Kitchen worktop sees a lot of action every day, making it imperative to choose it wisely and keeping in view your requirements, budget, and overall theme of the house. There are different kinds of worktops available in the market like granite, wooden or a composite one. Study the pros and cons of all and then decide.

The kitchen is the heart of the house, is it not? Every important conversation happens in the kitchen sipping a hot cup of coffee or cooking a delicious meal. Be it any festival, someone’s birthday or a Sunday brunch, the kitchen is the favourite corner of the house. Hence, zeroing on the perfect kitchen worktop can be a tough task with so many options available in the market. Moreover, what you choose should also perfectly go with the essence and style of your kitchen.

Keep these pointers in kind before choosing the worktop
Before selecting any worktop to keep in mind these pointers. Ascertain a budget and be sure how much you can spend on your kitchen worktop. Although most of them are budget-friendly yet you need to be clear on this front. Also, prioritize your needs like, if you want something which is heat-resistant or is easy to maintain. Colours play an equally important role in choosing the right worktop for your home.

Kinds of Worktops available to choose from
If you do not want to spend much then, wooden kitchen worktops are your kind of thing. They are solid, improve with age and lasts long if well maintained. They are also resistant to germs and bacteria. However, they need to be oiled regularly to avoid permanent damage caused by water. They are not heat or scratch resistant either.

Whereas, if you do not have monetary constraints Granite is highly recommended. They are stylish, luxurious, durable and functional. They are also very hygienic, easy to clean and durable enough to endure high temperatures during cooking. The only disadvantage is that they are heavy and cannot be repaired.

Composite kitchen worktops london  have also gained popularity in the last few decades. Various types of natural stones like marble, granite, and quartz are used to manufacture them. Quartz is used as a vital component in composite worktops. It is durable, stronger and lesser prone to damage. Composites kitchen worktops are also resistant to heat and stains. Although they are low maintenance but make sure not to chop vegetables on the worktop directly otherwise you will be living with the knife marks forever.

Another worktop that is a preferred choice in many homes is Laminate worktops which are available in various colours, designs, and sizes and there is an array of options in matt, riverwash, standard, honed and high gloss. Laminate worktops can also mimic other elements such as wood and granite. They are quite economical and hence do not dig a hole in the pocket. However, they can get easily damaged by heavy or sharp objects, and hot utensils can leave marks on the surface forever.

Every worktop has its pros and cons. You need to choose worktops in London wisely keeping in view your preference, budget, and style of your house. Research a lot, enlist the options and then make the right choice. Make sure to hire a professional to install your worktop perfectly because if you are spending so much money on worktops, you do not want to look it cheap or messy.