How You Can Create the Best Banners for Your Business: Your Ultimate Guide

Banners have been used for years by businesses around the world, and their relevance remains until now. In fact, compared to other forms of printed advertising and promotional materials, banners are still highly recommended simply because they work. If you want to find a way to effectively promote and market your business and what you are offering or if you simply want to get some great exposure in your area, then a printed banner should do the trick. But it’s one thing to have your banner printed (which a good printing service should be able to do) and another to design it properly. Creating a banner comes with its own set of challenges; a lot of different elements go into designing a banner, and you have to make sure to choose – and combine – these elements wisely. So how can you then create the best banners for your business trends? Here’s your ultimate guide.

Decide where you will place it

Before you can begin to design your printed banner, you first have to decide where you are placing it. The placement of your banner will affect how your target audience will see it, so you have to design it accordingly. The overall placement of your banner will also decide its colour scheme because the colours you choose should allow the banner to stand out or contrast with the background where it will be placed.

Choose your text well

The general aim of any banner, as opposed to other printed promotional materials such as flyers and leaflets, is to attract the eye of your audience – from a distance. So keep this in mind when designing a banner as well; you would definitely want to use large or big text. The entire text on your banner should be readable even from a distance, preferably several metres away. But don’t go overboard, either – you wouldn’t want your banner to ‘scream’ at passersby; you simply want to attract their attention enough for them to read it and understand the message it conveys.

Consider font readability

Along with large or big text comes the readability of your font. The size of the text matters, for sure, but the readability of your font is even more important, as specialist printers in Stockport like Harveyboard Print & Digital confirm. Fonts come with different weights, for instance, and you would want to select a font that is simple and not overly flamboyant. The main aspect to consider is the font’s readability. In most cases, a well-sized sans-serif font is better for readability compared to a serif font, but this is only a general rule. Certain serif fonts, like Times New Roman, are readable and often used in newspapers as well.

Keep your message simple

It’s tempting to fill your banner with a whole lot of messages, but cramming too much information and details in your banner wouldn’t help at all. That being said, keep your message simple. A successful banner is one that has as little text as possible, especially since your audience doesn’t really have time to go through an entire paragraph of information. Choose your words wisely and be very picky with your copy. The fewer words you use, the better, as long as the information you need to impart is there.

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