How Why One Should Order Pure Jain Food in Train Journey


    Railway journey in India is an awesome experience. The Indian Railways has added many facilities for the ease of passengers. E-catering service is one of those initiatives of IRCTC through which passengers can choose among the best food options to order in train within a few clicks. This enables the passengers to get tasty, hygienic and restaurant-style food delivered at their seat/berth. There’re numerous food ordering apps which displays list of restaurants and their specialties which also include one of the purest form of diet on earth called as “Jain Food”. The one who follows the Jainism food culture has to face immense problem as availability of such meals on wheels was difficult. Earlier, Jain food wasn’t available easily in the train. After e-catering services being introduced by the Indian Railways, one can easily order Jain food in train which is prepared by following the unique vegetarianism rules of the religion. It’s not only the Jains traveling in train can order Jain food, but any passenger who loves vegetarian meals can order special Jain food while traveling and enjoy a unique taste with variety in a pocket-friendly price.

    About Jainism & Jain Food
    Jainism is a religion which beliefs in the Law of karma. It promotes and teaches the path of spirituality, enlightenment, non-violence, and discipline to all living creature. This religion has a belief that all living beings from plants to the animal, from insects to bacteria have a soul and everyone has the right to attain Nirvana. It is a fact that Jain food is one of the purest and spiritually motivated diets. Jainism food behavior encourages intake of pure vegetarian items and emphasizes on avoiding veggies grown under the surface of earth like onion, garlic, potatoes, carrot, beet-root etc.

    “Ahimsa” is the core value of Jain religion which is followed in each and every course of action. The Jain diet includes only vegetarian food items which are believed to be “pure-veg”.

    • The Jain followers don’t consume those food items which are grown underground as uprooting them will kill millions of micro-organism.
    • The Jain diet also excludes the consumption of fish, meat, wine, honey, and udumbara fruits (Gular, Anjeer, and Banyan). According to them, consumption of these items will directly or indirectly drive them towards violence by harming living creatures.
    • Those food items which are believed to contain micro-organisms are also prohibited in Jainism such as yoghurt and butter.
    • Food items prepared with overnight fermented ingredients are also restricted in Jain food.

    Why to Prefer Jain Food in Train:
    Many people avoid zesty food items in train journey. Travelers looking for “Saatvic food” which is the purest form of food is now easily available even in trains. Here’re some reasons as to why any traveler must prefer to order Jain food in train.

    The most preferable choice for vegetarians:
    Vegetarian food is one of the most preferred choices of passengers during train journey. Jain food is cooked with minimum spices and oil making it a healthier option to order in train. Consuming Jain food in train is good for health as it prohibits stomach related disorders like food poisoning, and infection ailments.

    Rich in Nutrients:
    Jain food is a great source of protein, zinc, iron and contains omega-3 fatty acids which reduce bad cholesterol. Due to minimum use of oil and spices, these foods are beneficial for health in every aspect including digestion. Enriched with vegetables and lentils, vegan food also enriches the body with vitamins, minerals and required calories.

    Jain Food has Varieties:
    The word “Jain food” make us think that Jain cuisines neither offer varieties nor serve a diverse range of flavors. If you haven’t tried the Jain food retreat and looking for vegan food during journey, here’re some of the scrumptious food items that you can try.
    Jain Soup
    Jain Thali (Butter Chapati, seasonal veg, paneer curry, dal, jeera rice, sweet salad pickle)
    Jain Combo meal
    Jain Vada Pao
    Jain Pao Bhaji
    Customized Jain meal

    Highly Preferred for Dinner in train:
    As Jain food is healthy and lite in nature, it is highly preferred for dinner in train. It has all the items which are prepared with limited ingredient, but imparts a royal taste. It is lite on belly and gives you full satisfaction of a complete meal.

    Passengers with vegetarian food preference mostly choose to order Jain thali for lunch and dinner which satisfies their hunger and adds a distinct flavor to their taste bud.

    Delivering Jain Food in Train
    E-catering service in train which offers passengers to order food online in train also delivers pure Jain food. Once the order is placed via online mode or by call, the detail of the same reaches to the restaurant. It is followed by the next step, where the food is prepared keeping in mind the rules of cooking, after which they are hygienically packed and set out for delivery.

    How to Order Jain Food in the Train

    • Enter your 10 digits PNR number.
    • Choose the station and the restaurant.
    • Browse the Jain menu and choose the dishes to order.
    • Pay online (credit card/debit card/internet banking/Paytm/ Freecharge/PayUMoney)
    • Enjoy your meal.