How Trendy Big data education is in 2019

From being a buzz to being an integral part of business processes big data has matured over the years. The demand for big data experts is still quite high although the social media does not extol a career in big data as vigorously as it did a few years back. Does that mean that pursuing a career in big data has fallen out of trend? Not really. On the contrary the field has expanded to encompass a large variety of industries. In fact the big data analytics in itself is no less than an industry.

The key roles and the skills required for them

The flow of data in an analytics set up is not difficult to understand. And some expertise is needed at each turn of this flow. The first step of course is gathering the data and storing it securely. The job roles like data warehousing and data mining are dedicated for this.

A data engineer makes the data available for analysis. They often set up filters to let only the relevant details through to the data analysts and data scientists. People from a software engineering background can easily fit in these roles.

The analyst aligns the sorted data to find certain information regarding an enterprise’s current performance and status. This is called descriptive analytics. They usually report on what is happening, what is being done wrongly and sometimes find out why. Some knowledge of statistics coupled with big data training would make you suitable for these jobs.

The data scientist is employed to sift through the data and ask the right questions. Their job is to turn data into insight that can lit up the future path of an enterprise. A solid foundation in statistics, computer science and programming along with experience with analytics can earn you this position.

None of the roles are less important than the other. However one may argue that the role of a data scientist is the most famous among all of them.


Application in different industries

The applications of big data analytics are expanding as we speak. Businesses are Keen on investing in analytics integration all around the world. The banking and finance industry leads the way with digital commerce not far behind. The entertainment industry has embraced the pros of data analytics as has the Industry of sports. The most famous football clubs around the globe are tracking fitness data of players and using auto recommendation to fine-tune them.

Media houses are analyzing consumer feedback at a personal level to choose and promote their material with more effect.

Luxury cars are using real time analytics to judge the road ahead.

The applications are varied and increasingly effective.

Opportunities galore

Quite naturally the massive usage of analytics has triggered a gaping skill shortage in the market. People with big data training are not only sought after by all kinds of companies they are fought over. At the moment of writing  this a single job portal shows 6650 big data job openings in India. And that is just for one keyword. You can imagine how the demand is.

All you need to do is get ready to grab the opportunities. It is the best time to join the Analytics workforce as you never know when a booming job market saturates and dies out.

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