How to use a hair straightener without damaging hair?

Ironing your hair is an everyday gesture, but doing it wrong can, in the long run, spoil your hair. The hair straightener has become our best ally, as long as it is used correctly. After a recent study, for 85% of hair iron consumers, the health of hair when applying heat to hair is their main concern. This is followed by the power and speed of the iron (55%) and its effect on the durability of the hairstyle (50%). 

Therefore, against the false belief that the higher the temperature, the better results, here we have the guidelines for you to achieve a professional result without damaging your hair. The most important thing: adapt the correct temperature to your hair type. Using best hair straightener daily to straighten or curl your mane can take its toll, leaving you with dry and damaged hair. If you are addicted to them, discover the best tricks to avoid burning your hair with the irons.

Invest in quality hair straightener

It is easy to fall into the temptation to buy a cheap hair straightener. In the market there is a great variety of less than 1500 rupees. But if you plan to use them daily to create different hairstyles, it is important that you get a quality hair straightener. The best option is to opt for ones that have ceramic plates. They heat up in less time and evenly. Having a heat regulator is also important. In many cases, connecting them to a minimum will be enough, especially if you have fine hair.

Clean the irons regularly

Over time the plates of the iron accumulate remains of the thermal protector that lubricate our hair. That is why it is important that we clean them at least every fortnight. You can make them with wet wipes when they are cold or even spread them with the wax of a candle and then wipe them with a cloth moistened in vinegar. 

Dry your hair well before straightener

Never use the hair straightener with your wet hair. Surely once you have been in a hurry, you have spent them with wet hair and you could hear a click as if it was burning. This gesture deteriorates the hair cuticle and soon you will notice a damaged hair, so dry and detangle all the strands well before you start combing.

Do not do without the thermal protector

If you use hair straightener on a daily basis, it is essential that you first apply a thermal protector. It will help protect the hair fiber from the heat and also makes straightening easier and increases shine. Remember to buy those that contain neither sulfates nor silicosis.

Pass them slowly over your hair

When passing the iron through the strands, it is important to take into account the way in which we do it to avoid frizz and not break our hair. Place the iron as close to the root as possible on a lock of about four centimeters and slide down slowly but without stopping for more than three seconds, whether you want to straighten it or make a curve to make it curly.

If you want to buy the best hair straightener for your personal use then you should read reviews and buying guides online.

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