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How to Score More Than 150 in Your JEE Main Exam

JEE main is one of the most important examinations that a student aspiring to become an engineer appears for. Though hard work and determination are always required to score well in any competitive examination, when it comes to an examination of JEE main’s merit, it is also important to take care of some more factors.  If you wish to score more than 150 and secure admission in the top colleges in India, make sure that you follow the below-mentioned rules which will help you in getting the benchmark score of 150. Being successful in the examination will not suffice your requirements. Instead, aim for higher scores to get into the best colleges.

Complete coverage of syllabus

The first thing that concerns every aspirant of JEE main is the syllabus. No doubt it is vast and not easy to be tamed. But, when you are preparing for the best-rated examination, things will surely be a little trickier. If you intend to score more than 150 in the JEE mains, at first make sure that you have completed preparing the entire length and breadth of the syllabus for each of the subjects, namely, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. It enhances your chances of opting for almost all the questions which, in turn, will increase your score. Click here for more details!

Equal weightage to every subject

As a student you undoubtedly have the liberty to have your subjects of preference but when preparing for the examination that will make the future path for you, keep your choices aside and give equal importance to every subject. Passing only one or two subjects out of the three would not get you nearer to your goal of censuring admission into the best colleges in India. If you wish to score beyond 150, it is mandatory that give equal emphasis on every subject so that you get enough scores to not only qualify in each category but also score high.

Avoid negative marking

As an aspirant of JEE main, you must be aware of the fact that there are questions in the papers carrying negative marks as well. When you opt for a question about which you are not entirely sure, check if the same fall into the category of questions carrying negative marks or not. If yes, it is advised to not go for it in half hearted manner. There are questions in the paper which do not carry negative scores, and you can surely opt to have a random choice for them. Opting for a negative marking would mean losing a right answer. If a score of 150 is on your mind, do not take a chance with the ones that you are not sure of.

Attempt more

If you have done your preparations well and there is no topic that you have left, you would probably be in a position to opt for most of the questions which will enhance your scores. Competitive exams are always held within a stipulated time and keeping the same in mind; you should opt for as many as you can within the 3 hours. Do not waste time on a particular problem is it is not getting solved at the moment. Switch to some other question which might be easier for you to answer and would consume less of your time as well.

Revision and practice

No matter how prepared you are for your examinations, the last minute revisions and practices can save you from the silly mistakes at the final stage. The more you practice, the more you grow confident and fast. Try attempting the previous year’s questions and also study the chapters over and over again so that the lessons get imprinted in your mind.

If you have determination backed with a positive spirit, success is about an examination away from you and scoring beyond the benchmark score of 150 in JEE main would not be a challenge for you.

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