How to Sanitize Conference Rooms for Meetings


    Many businesses may have changed to virtual meetings for the short-term as COVID-19 remains a pandemic. However, some businesses must be conducted in person making conference rooms a great option. There are a few steps business owners can take to ensure they keep their employees safe during in-person meetings.


    All surfaces in conference rooms MA must be wiped down thoroughly. Using disposable cleaning wipes can keep germs and viruses from spreading from one surface to another. Make sure to thoroughly inspect all equipment that may be used including projectors and computers. These should be wiped down as well. Speak to the conference room scheduler about their specific cleaning practices and communicate that information to staff to ease concerns.


    Make sure only essential staff attend meetings. Those who do not need to be in the room should not come in during this time. Decision-makers who need to gather together can limit the spread of germs by not inviting nonessential personnel. Once there, stick to a schedule to ensure an efficient meeting.


    Keep sanitizer on hand for employees to use during the meeting as needed. Place near a door if possible for those who open and close doors to avoid spreading germs. This can help everyone feel more comfortable being in the room with others. Plus, sanitizer effectively removes infectious diseases such as the flu.


    Avoid all unnecessary physical contact including handshakes and high fives. Conference rooms offer wide tables that help prevent the spread of germs through the air. The coronavirus spreads up to six feet in the air, but many conference tables offer adequate distance between employees. In addition, employees can move their chairs further back from the table. Most importantly, anyone who may feel sick should not attend the meeting. There are options to bring someone in via phone if they must hear the contents of the meeting.

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