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How To Properly Clean Lab-grown Diamonds?


Once you buy a precious stone like a diamond, it is essential that you take good care of it. Regular maintenance of lab-grown diamonds will ensure their longevity and make their appearance more beautiful every time you wear them somewhere. If you wear them often or regularly, it is recommended to follow a few steps to clean and maintain the diamond. Also, learn about the GIA IGI differences now.

However, you must take resort to the proper methods of cleaning lab-grown diamonds. Are you aware of them? If not, then in this blog you can find the best ways to properly clean lab-grown diamonds. Check them out.

  1. Special Polishing Cloth – one of the easiest ways to clean a lab-grown diamond is by using a special polishing cloth. These are made of soft and durable materials which can remove all the dirt and dust from the surface without leaving behind any kind of scratches on the surface. Take the cloth and rub it gentle around all the curves of the diamond. This is an easy and excellent way to treat your diamonds.
  2. Jewelry Cleaning Solution – you can find many jewelry cleaning products online. But, you have to be sure of their quality. Never use a cleaning solution which is cheap and not so popular. Always spend money on premium products which do not have any side effects. Use a little bit of the solution and rub it over the diamond or use a brush with soft bristles. Carefully apply the lotion on all the corners of the diamond and let it be for a few minutes. Then, clean it thoroughly with a dry cloth.
  3. White Vinegar – white vinegar is a natural way of cleaning your lab-grown diamond. Pour some of this vinegar into a container and then put the diamonds into it. Let the diamonds soak for 10 – 15 minutes in the vinegar and then take them out from the container. Use a soft brush to rub the diamond and let it dry thoroughly. Then, rinse the diamonds into water and clean them using your hands. Once done, dry the diamonds using a soft microfiber cloth.
  4. Professional Cleaning – if you think that you are going to damage the diamond while cleaning it or don’t have the time, then you can take professional cleaning help. Take your diamonds to a professional diamond cleaner. Their special techniques and gadgets can help your diamond retain back the lost shine.
  5. Steam Cleaning – last but not the least, steam cleaning is also an effective way of cleaning diamond jewelry. However, you will need to have extra care while executing this process. In this process, you will need to expose your diamonds to the steam which removes dirt and dust from the jewelry. Be absolutely careful when exposing the jewelry to the steam. Your hands can burn if it stays exposed to the steam for a very long time. Use the proper tools and equipment to make sure it is being done safely.

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