How to Plan a Successful Conference: Everything You Need to Know

How to Plan a Successful Conference: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to planning a conference, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. After all, each conference is unique, and therefore it requires custom planning and strategizing to be successful.

If you are searching for information on how to plan a successful conference, you are in the right place. Keep reading for some tips and resources that will help ensure your conference is flawless.

Choose the Right Venue

An unexpected venue can help create a sense of unexpected flair to any conference—locations like sports arenas, libraries, theaters, museums, and historical sites. However, the venue needs to set the stage, not steal the show.

Choose spaces that will be comfortable for the number of guests coming and ensure the restroom situation is adequate. It would help if you also found a venue that is ADA compliant.

Usually, a conference center and hotel will be built to meet these requirements. As a result, you should not rule these options out completely.

When choosing the venue, make sure to ask what is included too. For example, do they have an in-house caterer, do you need to bring your own sound system, and do you need to find folding chairs for sale? Finding this out ahead of time will help reduce the possibility of speed bumps during the planning process.

Engage in Networking

Networking is one of the top reasons people choose to attend the conference. If someone is searching for a job at the conference, face-to-face networking is much more effective than doing it online.

With these events, people can have conversations and develop new connections.

If you are creating a conference app, consider how the app can support networking efforts. Some examples include:

Before the Conference

Let your attendee’s import social media profiles rather than creating event-specific ones. Allow them to note their specialties and interests and display other interested users in the same things or attend the same sessions.

During the Conference

Offer in-app messaging, so it is easy to connect with others. You should also have a social wall where everyone can post and see announcements.

After the Conference

Allow users to share contact information with others. Make this a choice, though.

Avoid Conference Planning Stress

Problems will occur. This is a fact of conference planning. However, knowing some of the most common issues can help you avoid them.

These issues include:

  • Not having a clear cancellation policy
  • Not scheduling additional time for speaker discussion and outreach
  • Not training the check-in staff
  • Not getting security looped in early
  • Not establishing clear team communication methods

When you avoid these mistakes, you will find the planning process goes much faster.

Now You Know How to Plan a Successful Conference

Now that you know how to plan a successful conference, you should be ready to get started. Keep in mind, since each conference is unique, there may be other considerations to make. Be ready for these by knowing what is expected.

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