How to pass AWS solution architect exam


    As per the magic quadrant, AWS is a dominant cloud service provider and leads the overall cloud platform, and has the equal market share of the next 4 major cloud service providers together. There are numerous training courses offered by Amazon Web Services. One of its associate certification that someone could complete before moving through more advanced certification is AWS Solutions Architect (Associate) certification.

    Why do you need to pass this exam?

    This examination is for you but if you’re a go-to person in your company and always able to have strategies for the general issues This examination also checks your potential to design and execute robust and secure AWS technology apps successfully. By practicing this course you will have to identify a concept utilizing architectural modeling concepts based on user expectations and offer application feedback focused on the best standards to a company during the lifecycle of the project. This test is for you if you have to move to the new step as an architect.

    Where to register?

    Here, you have to build an Amazon Web Services certification and training profile in you can prepare and track your test, accreditation background, view your digital certificates, access your credential and certificate advantages, etc. All Amazon Web Services credentials can now be taken from anywhere and you only need to pick Pearson VUE when planning the test.

    How to prepare?

    There is a range of digital sites for preparing for this test, such as Udemy, Quickstart, etc. If you’re entirely fresh to the cloud, you can have training on one of the internet sites listed above. You do not require this if you’re already comfortable with AWS and Cloud for a minimum of six months. For these contexts, all you have to know is walk-thru Amazon Web Services documentation for Security, Deployment, Refactoring, AWS Services Development, Troubleshooting, and Monitoring.

    Helpful Tricks and Tips

    Here are a few tips to help you pass AWS architect exam:

    • Get the guide book from below then go on your way to all of the Amazon Web Services documentation. This will helps you to understand stuff and critical aspects.
    • As you train for the test, write down few relevant principles or keep flashcards so that you’ll go over them before the examination.
    • Learn as many AWS FAQs and AWS documentation as necessary. Because these are revised all the time, keep in mind, you are still reading before the test.
    • To learn what you are discovering from this guide, launch your Amazon Web Services free tier profile. For your core strength, this assists.
    • Since most of the concerns are focused on these design concepts, review the Well Architected System prospectus.
    • While this is the latest edition, the key principles addressed by this examination stay the same.
    • To understand how we can utilize multi-AZ, subnets, NACL, security groups, Auto-scaling, ELB, etc. for building highly accessible, secure systems, and fault-tolerant,  most of the concerns are about 3 tier architecture utilizing databases, EC2, and VPC.
    • If you address the issue by introducing AWS methodologies and a well-architected structure, picture yourself as an architect and how you can answer the questions.
    • For eg, you do not have to remember anything for this test, how many EC2 instance forms, etc. What you have to comprehend what all these programs do and their characteristics.
    • Understand the distinction between fault-tolerant and highly accessible and how your applications can be constructed in that way.
    • Comprehend how Elastic Load Balancing runs to spread the traffic through network segments, and EC2 automatic calling allows the software to be flexible. Understand the variation between the load balancer for the network, application, and the traditional load balancer.
    • Comprehend the choices for the Amazon database engine and storage. Such as Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, etc, and how, as per their characteristics and various circumstances you select them.
    • Acknowledge AWS’s global network and how these assist build fault-tolerant and highly accessible systems.
    • Comprehend the design of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and how the communication works between EC2 instances and to and from the web utilizing the Amazon Internet Gateway system Recognize why we utilize the network address translation gateway and the Boston example in the situations. Understand the distinctions between Security Groups and NACLs. Comprehend how many ways you can safely link to a VPC.
    • Learn quite enough Cloudwatch service paperwork as probable and understand the contexts that you will use this system, particularly when using personalized cloud watch metrics.
    • Comprehend how CloudFront operates with Amazon Remote sites to enhance app efficiency and how WAF can be used for edge position filtering and protection.
    • For example, if you’d like to retain the data after the case is ended, comprehend EC2 instance storage solutions like EFS, EBS, and instance storage and in which circumstances they are used, which choice would you prefer. Comprehend how we can create and encrypt snapshots of the data. Utilizing AWS snowball and AWS Snowmobile to discover how you can move data from one account to another.
    • Understand all of the Amazon Web Services, including the Amazon Web Services Storage Gateway, that connects your on-site resources with cloud computing.
    • Find out what Amazon Web Services organizations are and how they can be used for bridge access.
    • Understand the definitions of, and when we can utilize, AWS EKS and AWS ECS.
    • Comprehending and how to use Amazon FSx.
    • Comprehend Amazon Web Service Elastic Beanstack and its associated systems in what situations we use. Learn the forms of implementation like rolling, green/blue, etc., and recognize what situation these should be used in.
    • Understanding and when we can utilize Amazon Web Service Cognito.
    • Understand what conditions Amazon Web Service Config and Amazon Web Service Cloudtrail can be used in.



    By 2030, all the work tasks and software will be in the cloud. In 2020 and even beyond, cloud use is continuing to grow enormously. It is the best time to join the cloud universe whether you want job stability or better pay or whatever the purpose, and these accreditations allow you to learn the skills needed for your cloud path.