How to Overcome Significant Loss and Adversity

How to Overcome Significant Loss and Adversity

Here’s a “must read” book for anyone who has experienced significant loss:  bankruptcy, loss of business, divorce, health challenge, death of loved one, etc…. it’s about how to rebound and heal, emerging stronger and wiser than before with the help of God.

And the best part is you can download the book’s first chapter for
free, no strings attached.

This powerful book, written by Theresa Bassett, teaches us how to overcome great adversity.

Experiencing loss and suffering from life’s many setbacks, is never easy.
In fact, the greatest builder of character is the moments we experience suffering and find
our way to a stronger place.

It forces us to dig deep, get real about our life’s circumstances, and discover our true inner strength.  The revolution has to begin deep within us, as we choose living over grieving, and carve out a new path.

Theresa Bassett understands these challenges first hand. She’s had every area of her life touched by loss – having experienced the massive loss of a business which led to bankruptcy, divorce (her second), and the loss of her health due to stress-induced illness.  She lost everything she had except, thank goodness, the love of her family and children.  Even her home was ripped away from her.

This book is an absolute MUST HAVE if you are currently rebounding or even just trying to figure out where to begin.  Her mission was to share her experiences and the beginning of a path back to wholeness in hopes that it may encourage someone else on their rocky journey.  There’s even a 30-day Devotional embedded in the book.

This is a newly revised edition of The Rebounding Revolution:  A New Day, A New Way and your free chapter is available immediately.

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