How to Market Your Business During COVID: A Timely Guide

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a single industry or aspect of life that the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t affected. No matter what products or services you offer, the pandemic has probably shifted your operational practices. If you want to maximize your revenue, you’ll shift your marketing practices too.

Wondering how to market your business in a worldwide pandemic? Try these important tips to make the most out of our socially distanced world.

1. Focus on Digital Marketing

With fewer options for outdoor activities, people are spending more and more time online. That means there are more users you can attract to your site or familiarize with your brand.

For that reason, digital marketing should be your top marketing priority. From search engine optimization to social media content, now is the time to dive in. If you need some ideas for digital marketing strategies, here’s some advice.

2. Lead with Empathy

Your customers are facing hard times in one way or another, from fear and grief to economic hardship. Now is a time to focus your marketing on empathy and understanding.

For example, don’t put so much emphasis on a “hard sell.” More than ever before, many people can’t afford your products or services and they’ll become bitter toward companies who show callousness and insensitivity.

Consider adding and advertising flexible payment options too. For instance, pair with a financing provider so your customers can opt for payment plans.

3. Score Great PR

Thanks to the pandemic, people at all income levels are more motivated to choose businesses to support based on their conscience. They’d rather spend money with a company that shows generosity and compassion, and this could be your edge over your competitors.

For that reason, now is a perfect time to organize a charity event or sponsor a charity drive. For example, you could launch a fundraiser for people affected by the pandemic. There are plenty of socially-distanced or virtual fundraising ideas.

When you advertise the fundraiser to encourage donations, you’ll also get great publicity for your business. It’s a win for everyone.

4. Choose Strategic Products to Emphasize

Your consumers’ lives and daily habits are far different today than they were in 2019. As you market certain products and services within your menu, focus on those that have the most benefit for consumers’ new pandemic lifestyles.

Take a beauty and skincare company for example. Focus your marketing budget on home spa products like facial masks or pedicure soaks. Those products will speak to consumers’ needs for stress relief in a COVID-19-safe way. Spend less on marketing makeup products, as consumers aren’t going out to socialize as often.

Think about your target audience specifically and how their lives have likely changed during the pandemic. It could vary from one niche to another but there are always ways to strategically invest in specific products or services.

How to Market Your Business in the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Adaptation” may as well be the word of the year for 2020, as all of us have made drastic changes to our lifestyles and work lives. If you make the right choices for how to market your business in the COVID-19 pandemic too, though, you may pull through with a more profitable year than you expected.

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