There used to be a time where marketing your open positions was done by advertising in your local newspaper. These practices are not effective at attracting candidates to your job opening in this technological age. Many millennials who will be likely looking to apply for you job will no doubt be looking online for job openings. This trend is expected to continue, so we would recommend that you advertise your job openings on websites such as

They have a large database of dental professionals who have taken the time to submit their details online and you know they will therefore be serious in applying for your job opening. This reduces the marketing costs for you and ultimately allow you to hire quickly at the first time of asking with the minimum amount of fuss. It is possible to post an advert on DentReps by visiting this link here

Here are some more tips for marketing your dental job opening…

Carefully Write Your Job Advert and Description

If you make the job appear to be as attractive and exciting as possible, you will notice that more people will apply. Many potential candidates may pass over your advert if they feel that the job opening looks dry and boring. It is important to offer something different to the candidate to make them want to apply. This could be on the job training or career progression. These things are important to prospective candidates.

Take a Look at Past Applicants

If you were trying to recruit another employee in the recent past, there may have been a candidate that you remembered who just came up short and you could ask them to apply again. Also, there may be employees who have left who may be interested in a return.

Make a Video

If you make a short video, this is a great way to attract candidates to try and apply for your open position. The video could feature a little tour of your practice, with maybe little interviews with existing members of staff chatting informally about their job and what it is like working at your practice. The aim should be to create a good image of the practice by making it appear to be an exciting and attractive place to work.

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