A lot of people spend most of their days stuck in an office, trying to be as productive as possible. However, that’s not an easy task. There are so many things that influence how we feel at work, which has direct consequences on the quality of work we produce, so investing in a nice and clean environment, where people feel comfortable, should be very high on the list of priorities of every entrepreneur and manager.

Offices should be treated like homes. Nobody likes living in a cluttered and messy home, so there’s no reason why they would enjoy such an environment at work. In order to avoid the common mistake of neglecting the importance of the right work environment, all decision-makers should take the following tips into account.

Realising the importance of office environment

Many studies confirm that having a pleasant office environment has a great influence on the productivity and morale of employees. Some studies even suggest that the environment itself can boost these levels and increase them up to 20 percent!

How to Make Your Office a More Pleasant Place

Apart from the advantages reflected in business results, there’s also a great benefit achieved by showing to your employees that you sincerely care about their well-being. Such employees are motivated and ready to go the extra mile for you and your company.

What should be done?

Creating a happy workplace is not something that happens overnight. It involves a lot of preparation and a careful analysis of the situation, but some tips can be considered universally accepted.

Keep it clean and tidy

A poorly lit, dusty and cluttered office is not going to help anyone do their best. The first thing you need to do is remove every item that you don’t need or that is broken beyond repair. The office should not be a storage space.

How to Make Your Office a More Pleasant Place

Providing good-quality furniture, appropriate equipment and some decoration, perhaps flowers and plants, is the way to go. Also, make sure that the company’s kitchen features all the necessary supplies for employees to use.

Make it personal

Allowing your employees to personalise their offices will help them feel much better and comfortable. Since we are all different, you might expect to see family pictures, flower pots or posters.

How to Make Your Office a More Pleasant Place

You can take it one step further and allow them to choose the colour of their chair or keyboard, for example. Not only will they get what they want, but they’ll also appreciate the fact that you value their opinion.


If you can afford to have a recreational area, your staff will definitely appreciate it. A simple dartboard or a pool table would make a huge difference. It will also help people bond and create a much better team spirit.

Quiet space

If your colleagues work in open space offices, chances are there is a constant buzz around the place. That’s why it’s good to have a room where people can go to when they need some peace and quiet to focus on a difficult task. Naturally, it’s vital that you organise regular office cleaning activities, so that such a space provides the best possible conditions for work.

How to Make Your Office a More Pleasant Place

Take your employees’ opinion into account

No matter how hard you try, you can’t possibly know what each employee thinks are the necessary improvements. This doesn’t include only suggestions related to furniture and perks, but also the issues concerned with interpersonal relations and complaints. Your employees need to know that your door is always open to them and that you’re willing to listen to them.

Final thoughts

Creating a positive environment at work encompasses many elements, which makes it quite a complex task. Still, without succeeding in your endeavour, you can’t expect your colleagues will do their best and be as productive as they could. So, consider this task a necessary investment, which should pay off quite easily and quickly.



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