How to Make Money Fast: 6 Ideas to Consider


    In the US, 40% of consumers admit they (as in their finances) will be in “survival mode” this 2021. Of these folks, 44% aim to save more money, while 30% want to spend less of it.

    If you’re part of that 44%, it’s time to learn how to make money fast so that you can turn your extra earnings into savings. You can even use this knowledge when the going gets tough, and you need quick cash to make ends meet.

    This guide lists some of the best additional income ideas you should give a try, so be sure to read on.

    That’s why winning the lottery game is no doubt one of the top ways to make money quickly.

    1. Time for Some Online Side Hustle

    Experts estimate that one in four US employees will work remotely this 2021. What’s more, they forecast the number of remote workers to jump by a staggering 87% by 2025. Many of these folks will work in the freelancing industry.

    Online freelancing is one of the best ways to earn more money on top of your usual job. Many businesses outsource tasks, such as IT, accounting, design, and marketing, to freelancers. You can apply for part-time positions and get paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

    Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer are some of the websites you can check out to get started with freelance work. You only need to create a stand-out profile and look at the project offers from potential clients.

    2. Offer Your Skills and Time to Neighbors

    As you wait for online freelance work offers, reach out to neighbors who need some help with manual work. With the US being home to more than 54 million older adults, you likely have a few neighbors who fit the bill. They might be welcome to the idea of paying for help for tasks such as gardening, shopping, and cleaning.

    If you’re great with kids, you might want to offer babysitting services in your community. You can also share your love for animals by offering to look after your neighbors’ pets when they aren’t home.

    If you’ve got a knack for DIY repairs, offer your services as a handyman. Most minor home repairs, such as fixing small plumbing leaks, don’t require licenses. However, be sure to check first, as some municipalities may mandate certification.

    3. Give Up One or Two of Your Gadgets

    The average US Wi-Fi-connected household now owns at least nine connected devices. The most common ones include smartphones, computers, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

    If you have multiple similar devices, such as two smartphones, think about selling one of them. Start with your friends or neighbors; if none of them needs it, then sell it online. Online electronics buyers, such as BuyBackWorld and ItsWorthMore, offer cash for used devices.

    Some companies, such as Apple, Amazon, and Best Buy, also offer trade-in programs. However, they limit their payment options to gift cards, which you can use to buy stuff from their stores. You can sell these items brand new, or you can also sell the gift card itself to private buyers.

    4. Teach a Language You’re Fluent In

    About 1.5 billion people are learning English worldwide. So, if it’s your mother tongue, why not consider becoming an English tutor? It’s helpful to have a teaching certificate, but it may not be mandatory for basic tutoring.

    Many learners are also studying other languages, such as Spanish and Japanese. If you’re fluent in any of these, it’s time to spread your articulacy and get paid while doing it.

    5. Turn Trash Into Cash

    The first step on how to earn money from recycling is to find a recycling center near you. It can be a designated collection point, scrap yard, or materials recovery facility. Depending on your state, recycling facilities may have designations, such as Class A to D.

    Those designations limit the recycling materials the facility can accept. For example, New Jersey’s Class A recycling centers only accept non-putrescible items. These include glass, metal, and paper, among other things.

    Once you’ve determined which items you can bring to the nearest center, comb through your home. Start with your attic, basement, or garage and look for scrap metals. Aluminum, copper, and steel are some of the most profitable materials you can recycle.

    You can also make some money off of bottles and cans, car batteries, and ink cartridges. Some collection centers may also accept non-working appliances and electronics. You can easily sell a junk car and even junk car parts to an automotive salvage or scrap yard.

    6. Try Your Luck in a Lottery Game

    Did you know that there have been two US lottery winners of over $1 billion each? Many others have won hundreds of millions of dollars each. That’s why winning the lottery is no doubt one of the top ways to make money quickly.

    That can be a good reason to try playing once in a while, just in case Lady Luck is smiling your way.

    Do note that lottery winners in the US can choose between a lump-sum payment or annuity payments. With the former, winners get a one-time payment for their entire winnings, minus taxes of at least 25% to even 37%. So if you win, say, $500 million, you’d give up $125 million to $185 million for taxes alone.

    By contrast, annuity payments often have lower taxes, so you get to enjoy more of your winnings. Hover, you’d get your winnings in installments, giving you monthly income streams. If you need the money now, you can sell your annuity payments for cash.

    Get Started With These Top Tips on How To Make Money Fast

    As you can see, you have at least six other ways on how to make money fast to supplement your regular income. Except for the lottery, the rest won’t make you a lot of dough, but they can help you get out of a financial pinch. So, as early as today, create that freelancer profile or reach out to your neighbors who may need your skills.

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