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How to Hold Office Meetings That Are Not a Waste of Time


Meetings can be life-changing for your business or a complete and utter waste of time. A lot of this depends on how you go about handling yours.

When you cut out the matters that waste time and leave you and your employees dissatisfied, you will be able to take your business to the next level. We’re happy to help you out.

Here are some tips that’ll help you when you’re planning productive office meetings.

Have an Agenda Laid Out for the Meeting

Always go into your meetings with your agendas put together. This should include point by point who will be speaking, along with an idea of what you will be talking about. This prevents time waste and having people speak aimlessly on a wide variety of subjects.

Give everyone a copy of the meeting agendas well in advance so that everyone is prepared and on the same page. Put a meeting room reservation system to use so that you can get the most out of your scheduling and time management.

Use Technology Whenever You Can

Always stock up on the tech tools that you need for a quality meeting. The pandemic has shown us that there are so many remote tools that you can put to use to keep everyone on the same page. Use these with regularity, even when you hold in-person meetings because you will likely have at least a few attendees that can’t make it.

In addition to a live stream, keep a copy of the meeting file they people can watch afterward on their own time. Depending on the size and type of meeting that you are putting on, it might also make sense to use microphones, lighting, and other tools.

Control the Time and People Speaking During the Meeting

If you watch any public city council meeting or other types of government proceeding, one thing you will notice is that they are strict on time. People are given a time limit to speak and issues that surpass a certain period of time get tabled until the next meeting.

Operate your business in the same manner, limiting people to strict timeframes to say what they have to say.

Prepare in Advance and Cut Out Distractions

The better you prepare for a meeting, the easier it will be to keep everyone on task and without wasting time. Send people files and handouts that they can review on their own time prior to the start of the meeting.

If you’re presenting, make sure to go over your speech several times so that you can pinpoint all of the important details and get comfortable sharing.

Schedule Office Meetings That Make a Difference

The tips above will help you out when you’d like to learn more about scheduling office meetings that are effective and productive. The last thing you want to do is waste precious time on the clock with unproductive meetings. When you master your meetings, you will be well on your way to master your business as a whole.

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