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How to Help the Road Accident Victims with First Aid


Road accidents are the major cause of unnatural death all over the world. Every year many precious lives are lost due to bad roads, rash and negligent driving and the carelessness of the pedestrians. The accident injury Boynton Beach is on the rise every year. The emergency medical doctors recommend that timely first aid can save many important lives. Majority of the deaths are caused due lack of proper medical intervention in the first 1 hour. It is a good idea to learn the basic first aid for the accident victims. It may help you to save many important lives. Here is a list of the important first aid practices for the accident injury in Boynton Beach.

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1.    Check yourself first

The first thing which any person should do whenever they come across any road accident is to check whether they have suffered any injury or not. You should assess yourself by verifying your ability to move the hand and limbs and check the quality of your vision and hearing ability. If all these are coordinating well, then it is suggested that you are not affected by the road accident. Now, it is time for you to help others and call the emergency helpline number of the ambulance and the police station for further assistance. 

2.    Check Your Companions and Fellow Travellers

One it is ascertained that you are out of danger, now it is time to check your fellow passengers for injuries. Try to assess the extent of the injury of the other victims of the road accident. See whether they are bleeding from the head, neck, abdomen, etc. These are vital areas in the human body. Any deep injury in these places may result in instant death. Treat the quietest person first; there are possibilities of serious injury or inability to breathe in those persons. The people who are shouting or screaming are possibly with fewer injuries since their senses are still working.

3.    Check for obstructions

If you notice any of the accident victims is not able to breathe, check for the obstruction in the mouth or nose. Use your index finger to clear the airway of the victims. If still there is no response, start Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and External Air Resuscitation (EAR) immediately. Check for the pulse of the victim to ascertain whether they are alive or not.

4.    Deal with open wounds

Sometimes, the accident causes serious injury to the victims. Try to control the bleeding of the patient by applying pressure on the wound with a piece of cloth. Press the place with your palm to apply more pressure, it helps the blood to coagulate and thus stop bleeding.

These were a few important first aid tips for the accident injury Boynton BeachYour next step would be to immediately carry the seriously injured patients to the hospital for further support.

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