How To Get Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Free

How To Get Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Free

Using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Free

Microsoft is offering its office suite, Microsoft Office for free. For anyone looking for a free way to write, save and share documents, Microsoft has something for you. The suite consists of Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint and is available for both Mac and Windows PC, with a free 30-day trial to start. Just in case you’re not interested, the first month’s fee of $100 is waived if you go with the free service.

The official site for Office 365 deals with Office 365. The three apps that Microsoft mentions in the main sections are: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office Home and Business.

Free Microsoft Office apps

Word: Microsoft Office for Windows 10 PC, Mac and mobile.

Word is now included on the list of free apps.

What You’ll Need to Download Microsoft Office



Word (Portable version)

Excel (Portable version)

PowerPoint (Portable version)

As an alternative, if you already have Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can grab them for free on Google Drive. Microsoft said the following on its website:

For those that don’t have an Office 365 subscription, here are instructions on how to get your free Word, Excel and PowerPoint: (As usual, this procedure can be taken a step further to download our MS Office suite of products as well. We recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions before proceeding.)

1. Log into your Google Account

2. Click on the gear icon in the upper left of your Google Drive home page and select Apps.

3. Select the gear icon again and select Downloads.

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